• Her new venture gives Sarah plenty of reasons to explore India's street food. (My Second restaurant in India)
After the success of her first restaurant in Goa, Sarah Todd now has another challenge: opening one in bustling Mumbai.
31 Dec 2018 - 12:40 PM  UPDATED 24 Apr 2019 - 4:35 PM

Is opening a restaurant easier the second time around? After the huge challenges involved in opening a restaurant in Goa, Sarah Todd is doing it all again, this time in Mumbai, where she and her business partner Ashish Kapur are opening an intimate wine bar-restaurant. It may be a smaller space, but it comes with its own challenges - and plenty of reasons for Sarah to get out and about sampling Mumbai's vibrant street food scene, seeking inspiration for the menu. 

Episode 1

After the success of her first restaurant in Goa, captured in My Restaurant in India, former Masterchef contestant Sarah Todd steps up to the challenge of opening a second restaurant, The Wine Rack, in the heart of the urban metropolis, Mumbai. After a stop in Goa to check on how things are going, Sarah heads to Mumbai, and seeking inspiration for her menu, immerses herself in the city's thriving street food scene. Meanwhile delays on the new restaurant kitchen are putting the team behind schedule.


Chicken cafreal bao

South Indian clam chowder

Chilli BBQ prawns with pickled cucumber and aioli


Episode 2

With the gas still not connected in the kitchen, Sarah is unable to train her staff or test the new menu. As the restaurant launch fast approaches there’s more bad news that could put Sarah’s big plans in jeopardy. With a completely new menu there’s a lot to learn and very little time. Can they do it? A puja ceremony is held at restaurant to try to ward of the mistakes and welcome a start fresh, and Sarah tries different Indian sweets on Mohammed Ali Road as she thinks about final tweaks to her menu. 


Episode 3 

Airs Saturday January 19 on SBS Food Channel 33

Further setbacks at the restaurant and the furious pace of Mumbai are beginning to wear Sarah down. With only a few days remaining before the restaurant is due to open, the kitchen remains in chaos. Together with head chef Himanil Khosla, Sarah must bring some order to the kitchen team as they try to deliver on Sarah’s new menu. To give her energy for a demanding day, she makes her son's favourite waffles, then makes a visit to a busy local market with Himanil, where they try some local favourites, including rumali roti - big, paper-thin "handkercheif" breads. Back in the restaurant kitchen, Himanil shows Sarah how to make a roti that will be in the restaurant menu, a crisp, bowl-shaped version called krarai roti. And as the countdown continues to the launch, can they sort all the final details in time? 


Laal mas (spiced lamb curry)

Waffles with yoghurt and honey 

Soft shell crab pakora with green sauce

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