Traditional Polish fare is a blend of Slavic influences, while also sharing roots with French and Italian cuisines. For centuries, root vegetables, wild mushrooms and coarse breads formed Poland’s basic food staples, but fresh takes on the culinary classics are showcasing this once humble cuisine to the world.


Beetroot is a popular vegetable, served in both hot and cold dishes, like this summer soup. Poles prefer denser breads, such as sourdough, and enjoy the food at both breakfast and supper. While traditional Polish food can be on the heavy side, light entree options include these salmon tartare canapés or pickles and paszet (pate). Poles are big consumers of cake, particularly during festive seasons, when leftover sweets are served for days. Try honey spiced honey bread or, for something special, kurtia (poppy seed dessert) – a millenia-old recipe which has been adopted as a Christian Christmas Eve tradition. 


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