From Malta to Lebanon, then on to Iran, Shane Delia's Spice Journey explores ancient Middle Eastern food traditions. The Maltese-born chef takes his inspiration from them, then gives his recipes a modern twist.


Revisiting the flavours of his childhood and the foods that influenced his Middle Eastern restaurant, Maha, Shane cooks classics like duck awarma, pork and pea pastizzi and lamb and kishk kibbeh. There are plenty of modern creations and interpretations, such as pomegranate-roasted pork belly and arak-cured kingfish, along with Shane's beloved "dude food" options, including felafel burgers, Beirut lamb pizza and stuffed Armenian chicken wings.


Middle Eastern sweets aren't forgotten here either. Shane experiments with the region's unique flavours, crafting frozen cashew baklava, booza fun ice-cream and barberry nougat-filled doughnuts.


For blog posts, a video interview with Shane and profiles on popular Middle Eastern spices, visit the Spice Journey website.