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The simple and comforting pasta alla gricia is extremely popular in Rome, but relatively unknown here. Perhaps not for long though.
There are variations of ciambella all over Italy, and it makes the perfect start to the day.
Discover the diversity of Italy's regional plant-based recipes and flavours.
There's so much more to Calabria's salami spread, 'nduja, than its chilli kick. Here's the low-down on how to savour this powerful fermented product.
Silvia Colloca is back for a second season of Cook like an Italian, with even more family recipes to pass on down to a new generation.


Yoghurt and olive oil make for a delectably moist cake. Top this one with a stunning swirl of mascarpone and a scattering of freshly roasted berries.
Italian soups are simultaneously hearty and wholesome and risi e bisi is no exception, using easy ingredients for a simple weeknight meal.
Pizza fritta, or fried pizza, is exactly that: fried pieces of fresh pizza dough ready to top with your favourite flavours that's slightly chewy and crunchy.
The slow-roasted beetroots add a rich, captivating colour to this vegetarian risotto, which is topped with a generous sprinkle of soft stracciatella cheese.
Red lentil penne makes your next quick weeknight pasta dinner a touch healthier with more protein and fibre than regular pasta. Here Silvia's paired it with a...
A homemade calzone baked from scratch could well be the ultimate comfort food, and now gluten-intolerant friends need not miss out. Get creative with the fillings...
A good Italian pasta salad goes nowhere near the creamy versions seen at deli counters. This one's brimming with zucchini blossoms and homemade walnut pesto.
Tender marinated artichokes tossed through pasta with tuna, olives and tomatoes create a simple, budget-friendly lunch offering.
Resembling something like an Italian paella, fresh mussels are dotted around the pot with pasta, white wine and capers, served alongside crusty bread.
Making your own maccheroni adds time but brings plenty of rustic charm and the unsurpassable quality of home-made, especially when laden with this rich sausage ragu.
Eggplant is so delicious and creamy when baked, so why stop at one round? Fill the vegetable with ricotta, passata and herbs then bake again.
These round biscuits are made from fresh pastry dough then filled with a mixture of jam, dark chocolate and nuts and are perfect with an after-dinner coffee.