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The simple and comforting pasta alla gricia is extremely popular in Rome, but relatively unknown here. Perhaps not for long though.
There are variations of ciambella all over Italy, and it makes the perfect start to the day.
Discover the diversity of Italy's regional plant-based recipes and flavours.
There's so much more to Calabria's salami spread, 'nduja, than its chilli kick. Here's the low-down on how to savour this powerful fermented product.
Silvia Colloca is back for a second season of Cook like an Italian, with even more family recipes to pass on down to a new generation.


A simple pasta throw-together that's ready in 15 minutes, complete with chunks of guanciale and a good shaving of Roman pecorino.
Chicken Diavola (Devil's chicken) is an easy one-pan roast chook that's spatchcocked for crisp skin and a shorter roasting time.
Meaning 'lady's kiss', these mini biscuits combine hazelnut and plain flours for a nutty flavour and are spread with chocolate in the centre.
Crisp baby zucchini and flowers with prawns that make for an easy and delicious canapé.
Ciambella is an Italian ring-shaped cake, prepared here with olive oil and ricotta and marbled with rich cocoa.
Stir this slow-cooked lamb ragu through torn lasagne sheets for a simple, pasta meal.
Packed full of beans and vegetables, minestrone warms the soul from the inside, and a steaming bowl of it is perfect to wrap one's hands around on a cold night.
Carefully stuff the zucchini flowers with ricotta, mint and anchovy for a gorgeous roast vegetable that's soft and creamy.
In Sorrento, gnocchi is boiled and then baked with a rich sugo (sauce), shredded buffalo mozzarella and torn basil which takes the Italian classic to a new level.
Italians know how to do hearty meals, and the fish stew is no exception. Zuppetta di pesce brings together fish, mussels, clams and scallops for a rich stew.
Silvia marinates her whole snapper in an olive and caper paste and then bakes it on a vibrant bed of cherry tomatoes and sliced chillies, served with crisp lemon...
The beautiful juices from the vongole add such a rich depth of flavour to this spaghetti, all complemented wonderfully with fresh herbs and chilli.