• Tobie Puttock and Rinrin Marinka eat ronde in Solo (Food Network / Wonderful Indonesia Flavours)
Join celebrated Indonesian chef Rinrin Marinka as she travels Indonesia with chefs Tobie Puttock and Darren Robertson, discovering the intricacies of local culture and cuisine.
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Marinka is your guide to all the best things to eat in Indonesia
One of Indonesia's most popular chefs is sharing all her country's enak (delicious) food with two Aussies, and together they’re cooking up a storm.

Here's what you can expect, and links to recipes from the show. 

Season 1

Tomohon - Flower City

Airs 6.30pm Monday 2 April 

With air and soil so fresh, there's nowhere like Tomohon to experience farm to table cuisine. Known as the flower city, Tomohon  is flanked by two volcanos, creating rich productive soil. Marinka and Darren Robertson navigate organic farms and traditional markets to discover the exquisite simplicity of  the local food, known as Minahasa cuisine, including street snacks, a savoury rice porridge called tinutuan and kueh kelapa, a rice flour  and coconut dessert. Taking inspiration from the unparallelled natural beauty of this land, they uncomplicate cooking and re-discover a new appreciation for simple and clean food.


Solo - Heritage City

Airs 7pm Monday 2 April 

In this episode, Rin Rin and Tobie Puttock dive into the old world charm of Solo. By exploring layers of Dutch and Javanese traditions they discover two dishes withstanding the sands of time in this heritage city. One is garang asem bumbung, a chicken dish once only served in royal palaces; the other, ronde, a common street dessert favourite.

Tobie Puttock and Rinrin Marinka eat ronde in Solo


Makassar - Marine City

Airs 6.30pm Tuesday 3 April 

Makassar, a marine city in Sulawesi with rich Dutch history, loves its food, namely beef and fish dishes. In this episode, Marinka and Darren Robertson travel on sea and land to learn that the dessert pisang ijo and local favourite, a beef meatball and oxtail stew, coto Makassar, are unmatched in terms of popularity and taste. But it's the impromptu grilled fish with locals by the beach that steals their hearts.


Batam - Island Getaway

Airs 7pm Tuesday 3 April 

Batam is known for having it all, from rural charm to luxury indulgences, from quiet beaches to adrenaline-pumped watersports, and of course, streetfood to seafood, making it the perfect island getaway! In this episode, Marinka and Tobie Puttock explore this hidden gem and uncovers two signature dishes, a fish soup and the Anambas-influenced noodle dish mie tarempa. Its all about the sun, sea and seafood!


Malang - Agrotourism

Airs 6.30pm Wednesday 4 April 

In this episode, Marinka and Darren Robertson uncover the rich fresh produce of Batu and Malang, including apples. Navigating the city streets on becak in Malang, local favourites rawon nguling and ketan are explained in a concept restaurant and museum all in one. They even get themselves lost finding hidden gems in this city that holds many surprises. Marinka cooks up ketan legenda (legendary sticky black rice) while Darren is inspired to  create his version of East Javanese beef soup (rawon nguling).


Bandung - Creative City

Airs 7pm Wednesday 4 April 

Bandung is known as the most creative city in Indonesia. In this episode, Marinka and Tobie Puttock discover ayam bakar sunda, grilled chicken served on a banana leaf, and the famous street snack, batagor - fish and tofu dumplings with peanut sauce - while on a moving restaurant-bus! It makes them push the boundaries of their own creativity as they then explore cooking outside their culinary comfort bubble, with Marinka creating her own version of batagor and Tobie cooking his ayam bumbu gurih - BBQ chicken with tasty spices


Banyuwangi – Festival City

Airs 6.30pm Thursday 5 April 

Known as The City of Festivals, Banyuwangi turns it on for Marinka and Darren Robertson. Trekking through diverse natural landscapes from serene paddy fields to stunning surfing beaches, they uncover unique local delicacies such as the rujak soto  (a soup and salad combination) and uyah asem  (a light chicken soup) as well as the tradition and cuisine of the Osing people. It's a infectiously delicious episode for the senses.


Raja Ampat - Back to Nature

Airs 7pm Thursday 5 April 

Raja Ampat is in the West Papua Province of Indonesia and is known for its picture perfect beaches and island, the friendliness of its people and everything sago! In this episode, Marinka and Tobie Puttock visit Raja Ampat to savour sinole, a sweet gluten-free pancake, and kuah kuning, fish in a coconut, chilli and turmeric broth. Their time here gives them a greater understanding of how vast and diverse Indonesian culture and cuisine is.

Season 2

Padang - Gateway to Sumatra

Airs 6.30pm Monday 9 April 

Padang needs no introduction when it comes to Indonesia food. Marinka and Tobie slow down and absorb the rugged paradise of Padang, the gateway to Minangkabau wonders and the Mentawai Islands. In this episode, the duo go beyond the usual dishes to uncover mouth-watering offerings such as gulai ikan karang (fish in yellow curry). Marinka cooks up a redang while Tobie creates his own take on the yellow fish curry. 

Tobie Puttock and Rinrin Marinka in Padang.

Jakarta – City that Never Sleeps

Airs 7pm Monday 9 April 

Capital of the Republic of Indonesia, Jakarta is a metropolitan city with a population of more than nine million people. In a city that never sleeps, Marinka and Tobie troll the streets for hidden food stalls for local eats such as ketoprak (a vegetarian dish of tofu, vegetables, rice cake and rice vermicelli served in peanut sauce) and sop bontot (oxtail soup). Join the duo as they take you on a journey from molecular gastronomy fine dining to Betawai delights, including kerak telor, a crisp glutinous rice omelette.

Yogyakarta - Soul of Indonesia: City of Art & Culture

Airs 6.30pm Tuesday 10 April 

In this episode, Chefs Marinka and Tobie Puttock hold nothing back as they dive into the soul of Indonesia; Yogyakarta. Exploring its art and culture, both old and new, goes hand in hand with indulging in its much-loved local delicacy gudeg (young unripe jackfruit in coconut milk) often described as "green jackfruit sweet stew" and its innovative local favourite steak tempe (soy bean cake). With the help of thespians, passionate guides, and a restauranteur dedicated to the royals and the city's youth, they tick off a diverse list of cuisine and experiences in this much beloved city. Inspired by their discoveries, Tobie cookes tempeh with gilled onions and Marinka her version of gudeg with sambal Kracek. 


Bali - City of Spiritual Journeys

Airs 6.30pm Tuesday 10 April 

Probably the most famous island in Indonesia, Bali is known for its spectacular mountain scenery, beautiful beaches and friendly people. Also known as the Lands of the Gods, Bali takes the lead in organic food produce and clean eating. Chef Rinrin and Tobie savour divine dishes such as bebek betutu, a classic Balinese ceremonial dish (barbeque duck served with rice, steamed vegetables and a hot sambal) and tipat kuah (rice cake soup) while cleansing their bodies and mind. It is a journey of pure indulgence for the soul and taste buds.


Lombok - Uncharted Paradise

Airs 6.30pm Wednesday 11 April 

Long overshadowed by Bali, Lombok is in the limelight in this episode. With Mount Rinjani providing the scenic backdrop, Marinka and Tobie uncover the culture and charm of the Sasak people, trek through the collection of stunning surfing beaches and devour Lombok's delightful cuisine such as the ayam taliwang (a spicy Indonesian grilled chicken) and plecing kangkung (blanched kangkung leaf salad served cold with sambal)

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