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Gourmet Farmer | Starts Thurs Aug 3

The stakes have never been higher for Matthew Evans, as he sets about building an authentic farm-to-table restaurant in the top paddock of his Southern Tasmanian farm. How hard can it be? #GourmetFarmer


Venture with us to Tassie, as Matthew Evans graduates from novice farmer to restaurateur.

Cooked at home these taste great. Cooked next to the river mouth where you caught them? They taste even better.
Taking it back to basics, Matthew Evans has all the sweet tips when it comes to whipping up the easiest desserts. #GourmetFarmer
Matthew Evans shares how to get cultured by embracing your 'mother'.
Matthew Evans has finally embraced his Welsh ancestry and finds that the country’s little-known cuisine shouldn't be overlooked.
Change is afoot on Fat Pig Farm. The architects have been called in, a business plan formed and Matthew Evans is about to go full circle – from reviewing...

Gourmet Farmer recipes

Fresh horseradish lifts this soup from the very good to the sublime. In its absence you could use a top-notch bottled version.
You can make these biscuits really thin like brandy snaps, or a bit thicker. I like somewhere in between so they’re firm, but not entirely crisp. 
This recipe sounds like it will fail but the turns out to be a wonderful and so simple to make.
The perfect ratatouille doesn’t have rubbery eggplant in it. In fact, it’s cooked for so long that it falls apart, making for an unctuous sauce. 
A simple and easy dessert that is always a crowdpleaser. This is more like a throw-it-together pie.
This cake won me third place at the Bream Creek Show. I was so excited I didn’t stop bragging about it for a week. 
Bresaola is air-dried, salted beef that has been aged for up to three months until it becomes hard and turns dark red. You'll need a bucket and 3 metres of muslin...
"This is the cake I made on The Gourmet Farmer show", says Matthew Evans. "I was trying to make a very Tasmanian cake, from the nuts to the oil and the flour."
We used home-killed duck and goose breasts, which were of indeterminate age. Young, commercially available breasts will be more tender. To smoke, you can build a...
Cassoulet is a bean dish that is heady with meats cooked or cured in different ways. On the show we used a home-kill lamb and goose, but you can adapt using your...
I used butter I’d made from Maggie for this, but any butter will do. Black truffles can be heated to bring out their flavour, and that’s what I was aiming at with...
A tender cut from the leg has the best flavour, though many people find loin the easiest to work with. Don’t worry if you don’t get the truffle, it’s nearly as...