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Gourmet Farmer | Starts Thurs Aug 1

With his new farm to table restaurant up and running, farmer and chef Matthew Evans is on a mission to improve the quality of his food by first improving the quality of his farm's soil. How hard can it be?

Tassie terrior

This season, Matthew Evans is looking for new ways to make his Tasmanian turf the best from sun to soil.

Matthew Evans dives deep into the question 'what does what I eat, eat?' turning his attention to soil regeneration this season, which starts 8pm Thursday 1 August on SBS.
'The view from the feedlot' is an exclusive edited extract from Matthew Evans' new book, On Eating Meat: The truth about its production and the ethics of eating it.
Want a hands-on chance to learn more about bush food? These Indigenous tour guides have a lot to share.
Jams are pantry staples, and preserves really should be. Matthew Evans, the Gourmet Farmer, gives his tips on how best to make these fruity favourites at home. ...

The secret to good soil

They say the secret to good soil structure is that it can retain water, yet drain. Friable enough so roots don’t rot, but moist enough so plants don’t die of thirst.

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