Venture with us to Tassie, as Matthew Evans graduates from novice farmer to restaurateur. S4 airs 7.30pm, Wed nights on SBS.

Good things take time and food is no exception. Whether you stew, braise, roast or simmer, here's how you can go scrumptious by taking it nice and easy.
Could composting toilets and humanure be the practical answer to our ever-expanding resource problems?
Feeling crumby? It's nothing that a delicious, comforting crumble can't fix. (With ice-cream, of course!)
Change is afoot on Fat Pig Farm. The architects have been called in, a business plan formed and Matthew Evans is about to go full circle – from reviewing...
Matthew Evans has finally embraced his Welsh ancestry and finds that the country’s little-known cuisine shouldn't be overlooked.

Gourmet Farmer recipes

This low and slow stew suits Sadie's palate for Asian spices and Matthew's love of European food.
A showstopping, crowd-pleasing way to dish your whole fish. 
If you're a sucker for flaky and buttery genius, then this is one recipe you'll have to master.
"Sauerkraut in German is 'sour cabbage' and I love it for the taste and it's a great source of vitamins and probiotics." Matthew Evans, ...
A true comfort dish, go for fresh, local garlic.
Warm, crisp, sweet and spicy. It can only be an apple fritter!
Haloumi – that squeaky cheese from the Middle East usually made with a bit of goat’s milk in it. It's lovely first cheese to try to make, because it’s a bit more...
A light pastry dough cooked in butter, apple and honey - virtually all of Matthew Evans' favourite things all in one pan. 
These are pretty much a fried scone and are packed with long-lasting dried fruits, perfect for those colder nights.