The food of India

with Adam D'Sylva, Helly Raichura and Sandeep Pandit.

The question is – will you try your hand at cooking them, head out to find them, or put them on your culinary bucket list for when you visit India?
Food plays an integral part in Indian mythology, where a part of the ritual involves offering food to the one who is being revered and honoured.
This nifty little tin contains all the spices you need in one place.
The kitchen appliance that gave women in India their time back.
Sitting down to a bowl of pasta, a curry and rice on the kitchen table was the norm for the Melbourne-based chef.

Celebrate: Diwali

Enjoy Hinduism’s most celebrated festival with recipes from a South-African-Indian kitchen. Diwali in 2014 takes place from 23-27 October.

Celebration: Diwali

Enjoy a traditional “Diwali” feast – Hinduism’s most celebrated festival – with recipes from a South-African-Indian kitchen.
Not just your average vegetarian slice, bakro’s humble presentation never ceases to amaze unsuspecting diners with it’s medley of vibrant flavours. Simple to make...
A buttery, biscuit-like slice often served at Hindu festivals, chana magaj is sweet, spiced, and textured, the perfect accompaniment with a cup of masala chai. A...
A dry variation of the syrup-drenched Indian gulab jamun, this sweet dumpling is a favourite dessert among South African Indians. There’s no doubt this golden,...
A deep-fried lentil dumpling that will keep your guests salivating for more, bara is a popular canape served at weddings, Hindu festivals, and casual dinner...
Laccha paratha are flatbreads from northern India, made with wheat flour and ghee and they go with a whole array of Indian dishes.
Ma ki is a creamy Punjabi dal made with black urid and chana daal with spices, coriander and a generous dollop of butter for extra goodness!
Rather than naan bread with your butter chicken, try a side of raita (an Indian yoghurt sauce used to cool the palate) and spiced bean foogath.
A rich barramundi curry, don't be put off by the long list of ingredients; we've got a cheat's garam masala to bring it all together.
Tabak maaz are lamb ribs marinated overnight in a spiced yoghurt mix, then slowly baked until the meat is falling off the bone.
Far from designer fashion labels, gucchi are a spongy mushroom found in the Himalayan region and are highly prized. Served here with rice and yoghurt sweetened...
Serve these with your favourite curries or even a drizzle of condensed milk.
This light and fragrant coconut vegetable stew is wonderful served with idiyappam or appam.
A beautifully comforting chickpea curry with coconut oil, coconut chunks and a perfect blend of spices all slow-cooked for a richer flavour.
Bengali fish curries are hearty affairs, with prawns, mussels and barramundi cooked in freshly toasted spices and dressed with coriander.
This is a curry for the lovers of a good spice kick, with the goat meat marinated overnight in a blend of spices and yoghurt, laden with a hot curry sauce.
Large king prawns marinated in rich coconut cream, plenty of spices and chilli powder, served with a squeeze of fresh lime.