For Kylie Kwong every meal is a journey, a culinary carriageway between east and west. So fire up the wok, grab the chopsticks and be inspired by one of Australia’s most talented chefs!
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She's been chopping duck and frying rice since she was a toddler. She's spent half her life hanging around her uncle's noodle shop. She's studied under Australian master chefs Neil Perry and Stefano Manfredi. She's passionate about her Chinese family and tradition and she's a totally modern 21st century girl. She's Kylie Kwong, restauranteur, author, award-winning chef and poster girl for modern Australian Chinese cooking.

Cook like Kylie
Stir-fried potato with chilli sauce and black beans

This stir-fry makes a welcome change from roasted, fried, baked or mashed potatoes – the starchiness of the potato is a great foil for the bold flavours of chilli and salted black beans. The chilli sauce can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 1 week.


Episode 1: Bamboo

Aired Friday 10 June at 3pm on SBS

Being surrounded by a large extended family of all ages has provided Kylie with a plethora of colourful memories and inspiring, long-held family recipes. Kylie prepares her Aunty's recipe for home-style fried duck eggs. Cooked in the wok, they’re topped with shallots, chilli and oyster sauce, giving them a delicious crunchy, rich texture. Her version of a Chinese classic, sweet and sour pork, catapults the dish into the 21st century. Reflecting on endless hours spent at her Uncle Jimmy’s noodle factory, Kylie prepares one of his fabulous noodle dishes using lots of ginger, garlic and chilli. Pickled bamboo sounds exotic but bottling your own is simple enough. Kylie uses this unusual ingredient to complement her mouth-watering crayfish and chicken salad.


Episode 2: Spice

Aired Friday 17 June at 3pm on SBS

Kylie takes us through her Chinese versions of traditional Australian favourites and cooks up some Middle Eastern magic using an abundance of fragrant spices. Cumin, fennel seeds, cardamom, star anise and cinnamon quills provide a taste of the exotic in Kylie’s Moroccan inspired lamb shanks tagine. The lavish dish is cooked over hot coals in a rustic ceramic tagine. Several hours later with the flavours infused throughout, the lamb is tender and falling off the bone and the guests are champing at the bit — it’s ready to eat. Kylie’s roast chicken provides a quick delicious meal. Fresh rosemary and tarragon, generous knobs of French butter, olive oil, garlic and shallots provide a wonderful essence to the dish. Finally, Kylie gives traditional fish and chips an inspired makeover. Fillets of snapper are coated in a light beer batter that Kylie deep-fries — an art in itself. Forget the chips, she prepares a deliciously light tomato salad in her mortar and pestle to accompany the golden fillets.


Episode 3: Rice

Aired Friday 24 June at 3pm on SBS

Kylie loves to entertain and prepare recipes for her friends from the very best fish she can find from the markets. Picking up the freshest fish she can find from the local markets, she prepares a variety of seafood recipes. On the menu — Hiramasa Kingfish Carpaccio, Salt and Pepper Squid and delicious Stir-fried Mussels.  Kylie’s Sydney restaurant, Billy Kwong, is famous for its mouth-watering dish, crispy skin duck with fresh blood plum sauce. She shows you how to prepare this lavish dish in your own home.


Episode 4: Shellfish

Aired Friday 1 July at 3pm on SBS

Kylie and her mum go head-to-head in the kitchen, to discover who makes the best noodle stir-fry. Although Kylie learnt how to cook from her mum, their method and style are completely different. Kylie’s brother is called in to judge the winner. Tasmanian scallops with mint and a fresh mud crab salad with the unique ingredient, pickled bamboo, are also prepared,  and you can’t go past Kylie’s foolproof version for tasty fried rice. Three generations of Kwong women then make some party food.


Epsiode 5: Noodles

Aired Friday 8 July at 3pm on SBS

Chinese people are known as inventive cooks, making delicious meals from basic ingredients. Equally inventive are Kylie’s recipes for waygu beef brisket with caramelised eschalots, slow-cooked honeycomb tripe with green peas and sautéed chicken livers served with a watercress and radish salad. She takes the finished dishes to a popular Chinese restaurant, the staff eager to sample her tasty dishes during their dinner break.


Episode 6: Mushroom

Aired Friday 215 July at 3pm on SBS

There's a party for the opening of an art exhibition and Kylie is doing the catering. Having studied art early on in her career, Kylie still maintains a passion for it. She prepares a wonderful selection of elegant finger food. The delicate serves of salad with crayfish and soft boiled duck eggs and Japanese eggplant with garlic, olive oil and tomatoes will impress.


Episode 7:  Egg

Airs Friday 29 July at 1pm on SBS

Kylie has been invited to a delicious lunch by the sea. The only catch is that she has to cook.


Episode 8: Marinade

Airs Friday 29 July at 1.30pm on SBS

Kylie is having a steamboat party for 10 friends at home: she provides the food, the guests do the cooking.


Want more? You got it!
Kylie Kwong's honey-roasted chicken wings

These roasted chicken wings are caramelised in honey from the rooftop beehive we’ve installed at the Wayside Chapel (a nearby community services centre).

Chef in action: Kylie Kwong
For the past 12 years, this iconic Sydney chef has been satisfying diners with her fresh Chinese cooking using sustainable produce.