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Episode 1

Luke explores the food and culture of Vietnam's largest city Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).


Green papaya salad with prawn and pork
Beef tossed with wild betel leaf and lemongrass



Episode 2

Luke spends time cooking with his extended family living in the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City.


Chargrilled pork neck with vermicelli noodles
Pomelo and mud crab salad
Sweet corn pudding



Episode 3

Luke's journey continues along the might Mekong River, the lifeblood for locals who rely on it for transport, trade and most of all as a source of food.


Mekong school prawns stir-fried with pork belly
Pork spare ribs slow braised in medicinal broth
Crispy fried elephant fish with ginger fish sauce



Episode 4

The Vietnamese island of Phu Quoc is well known for its production of fish sauce, and its peppercorn plantations. Its an idyllic location and a relaxing change of pace for Luke.


Salt and pepper tiger prawns
Chargrilled phu quoc salt and chilli squid
Chicken slow braised in green pepper



Episode 5

Luke reaches the beautiful beaches of the east coast stopping in to visit relatives in Phan Thiet.


Razor clam salad
Soft rice paper rolls with prawns and pork
Pork rib broth with soft rice noodles



Episode 6

Luke visits the town of Da Lat in the beautiful central highlands of Vietnam, and he enjoys the cooler climate and the abundance of fresh produce on offer.


Pumpkin flowers stuffed with prawn (bong bi don thit)
Market vegetables, cooked in a clay pot (u cu tay cam)
Stir-fried choko with beef and garlic (trai su xao thit bo)



Episode 7

Luke visits the beachside town of "Nha Trang" a coastal town abundant with fresh seafood.


Wok tossed mud crab (cua xao sate)
Chargrilled pork sausage skewers (nem nuong)
Chargrilled lobster with spicy sate sauce (tom hum nuong sate)
Cod and chinese celery soup (canh ngot ca mu)



Episode 8

Luke visits "Quy Nhon" on the central coast of Vietnam and teaches the local disabled children how to make fish cakes, and enjoys and vegetarian feast with local Monks.


Crisp silken tofu crusted in lemongrass (dau hu xa ot)
Pagoda rice steamed in lotus leaf (com hap la sen)
Rice paper rolls with prawns and green mango (banh hoi tom nuong)



Episode 9

Luke travels to the historic town of "Hoi An" and tastes the wonderful delights of this beautiful town.


Lemongrass chilli chicken (ga xao xa ot)
Whole chicken dry steamed in sea salt (ga nuong lu)
Green mango and dried anchovy salad (goi kho ca com xoai song)



Episode 10

Luke continues his journey in the historic town of "Hoi An" and is spoilt by its produce to cook with.


Cubed beef wok tossed with black and green pepper (bo luc lac)
Seared tuna with mango salsa (ca tu chien)
Snake fish smoked in rice straw



Online exclusive recipes

Steamed mudfish stuffed with pork and glass noodles (ca hap don thit)
Fried fish cakes (cha ca quy nhon)
Grilled scallops and mussels in spring onion oil (diep)
Chicken marinated in oyster sauce, char grilled in pandan leaves, (ga nuong la dua)
Chargrilled tiger prawns, wrapped with pork belly and Vietnamese mint (tam huu)
Mussels with asian basil and oyster sauce
King prawns sauteed in coconut milk
Green mango salad with tiger prawns
Chargrilled salmon salad
Barramundi steamed in banana leaf with soya beans
Asparagus wok tossed with oyster mushrooms
Green beans stir fried with oyster mushroom and garlic (dau que xao nam bao ngu)
Water spinach tossed with ginger and preserved bean curd (rau muong xao chao)
Citrus-cured sardine salad
Artichoke and pork rib soup
Wok tossed eel with turmeric and glass noodles
Seafood steamboat
Young jackfruit salad with tofu
Tamarind beef and kohlrabi salad
Spiced Mekong Delta prawns
Beef and lemongrass wrapped in betel leaf
Dragon fruit shake