Having bid farewell to city life and moved to the tropical seaside town of Noosa, chef and restaurateur Peter Kuruvita is on a journey to uncover the fresh and local produce that has made the region one of the foodie destinations of Australia.
26 Sep 2016 - 10:00 AM  UPDATED 25 Sep 2017 - 10:53 AM

Amazed by the abundance available right on his doorstep, Peter explores his new surroundings and meets the local producers, artisans and farmers peppered across the Sunshine Coast. Heading into his kitchen, Peter then transforms rich, local ingredients like spanner crabs, Mooloolaba prawns, macadamia nuts, tropical fruits, heirloom vegetables and more into a delightful array of dishes for any occasion. 

"The produce here tastes so real! It's as close as you get to being back in Fiji or Sri Lanka." Peter Kuruvita

Episode 1

Aired Wednesday, August 23 at 4.30pm on SBS.

Since moving to the Sunshine Coast, Peter and his family haven’t looked back so Peter begins his journey by visiting family owned and run farms in the Sunshine Coast before transforming their produce into family friendly dishes including his own Kuruvita family favourite, pho using Thai basil picked from his own garden.

Kuruvita family pho
The heart behind this hearty bowl
Sometimes the most treasured recipes are ones that have become a part of your everyday life. Here, Peter Kuruvita shares the story of his family's favourite bowl.


Sri Lankan egg curry

Kuruvita family pho

Scones with custard apple cream

Roast pork neck with horseradish slaw


Episode 2

Aired Wednesday, August 30 at 4.30pm on SBS.

Having grown up in Sri Lanka, seafood is Peter’s lifelong passion so it’s no surprise that he feels right at home in the Sunshine Coast, which boasts some of Australia's best seafood. In this episode, Peter showcases the amazing local seafood available right on his doorstep from Mooloolaba prawns and spanner crabs to coral trout and fresh squid, sharing the recipes to some of his signature dishes.

Seafood master class
Everything you need to know to cook amazing fish!
Whether you prefer grilled, baked, poached or with a crispy skin, Peter Kuruvita shares his tips to fantastic fish.
15 tips to mastering seafood
Peter Kuruvita is unleashing some delectable seafood dishes in his Coastal Kitchen. Here are his insider tips that'll help you tackle your seafood with ease.


Spanner crab dumplings in crab consommé

Grilled redclaw with Szechuan salt

Steamed coral trout with ginger and shallot

Grilled seafood with tamarind chutney

Steamed mud crab with ginger, chilli and shallot sauce

Peter Kuruvita's Sri Lankan chilli mud crab.

Episode 3

Aired Wednesday, September 6 at 4.30pm on SBS.

The Sunshine Coast is home to an amazing array of indigenous flora and fauna which is being celebrated by local growers and chefs. Peter heads out to discover the secrets of bush tucker and creates dishes inspired by native ingredients.

Finger limes
Glossy pearls that zing - native lime packs a punch
It looks a little like fish roe but tastes like citrus: the native finger lime is one of Australia's national treasures.


Blackened mackerel with lemon myrtle and finger lime

Scallops with Warrigal greens and Davidson plum butter

Macadamia and mandarin cake with cinnamon syrup


Episode 4

Aired Wednesday, September 13 at 4.30pm on SBS.

Peter mingles with a community of passionate local producers showcasing some of the finest and freshest produce in the region and visits some well known and loved faces of the Sunshine Coast before cooking up some fresh Mooloolaba prawns at Marcoola Markets.


White gazpacho, avocado lassi and pommes maxim

Pipis with Sri Lankan XO

Grilled miso eggplant and haloumi burgers


Episode 5

Aired Wednesday, September 20 at 4.30pm on SBS. 

In Sri Lanka Peter learnt the ancient art of using Ayurveda herbs and spices in cooking for both flavour and health so in this episode, Peter explores local food being produced with medicinal properties and creates delicious recipes to create at home using ingredients such as ginger, turmeric, millet and camel milk.

'White gold': everything you need to know about camel milk
Cleopatra bathed in it and the Bedouins swore by its nourishing properties. Now this ‘white gold’ is being served up in Australia.



Organic millet balls

Dhal soup with spiced tempeh

Soto ayam chicken noodle soup with turmeric


Episode 6

Aired Wednesday, September 27 at 4.30pm on SBS.

The final episode in the series looks to the future of farming and shows the way the food community in Noosa is leading the way. Peter meets the Queen Bee whose adopt-a-beehive program is helping solve the declining bee epidemic, a school with a kitchen garden and the king of permaculture who shows Peter what it takes to become self sufficient.
Beekeeping 101: how to setup (or adopt) your own hive
With benefits that extend far beyond a delicious honey supply, backyard beekeeping is a growing trend that’s likely to stick around – here’s how you can get involved.


Seared whiting with smashed corn and shiitake broth

Sauteed calf's liver with honey raspberry vinegar

Smoked ocean trout with Asian salad and nam jim

Banana and honey soufflé

Peter showcases his banana and honey souffle recipe.

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