Welcome to Poh Ling Yeow’s fascinating world of delicious home cooking, business pursuits, artistic dreams, and fun adventures with family and friends.
10 Feb 2015 - 3:00 PM  UPDATED 5 May 2016 - 3:37 PM

In the next year, Poh is determined to: create an edible garden as the first step in transforming her suburban house into a home; seek out inspiration and advice so she can become an even better cook, artist, and book publisher (watch out friend Andre Ursini and mum Christina, in particular); and continue to develop her small business as a purveyor of home-cooked delicacies alongside hubby Jono, best friend Sarah and Sarah’s husband Matt, who just happens to be Poh’s ex-husband!

Poh generously allows others to observe this “work in progress” via Poh & Co. (Although her disarming honesty and openness, and the access-all-areas approach of the series, means that perhaps it is more accurate to use the phrase “life in progress”.)

Poh is charming, warm and both ordinary and extraordinary. She loves people and also wants to increase the meaningful engagement she has with her big network of gorgeous friends and family, all of whom are eager to play a part in her food adventures – and experience first-hand the benefits of her explosive and infectious laugh!

Poh was a finalist in the inaugural series of MasterChef Australia and has hosted three seasons of Poh’s Kitchen and published two cookbooks. She and her recipes are already in the hearts and kitchens of food lovers everywhere. In Poh & Co., she throws open the doors of her home and welcomes in existing fans and newcomers alike.


The series
Episode 1: The garden
Poh has always dreamed of having an edible garden, so when she and husband Jono decide to speed up the process of converting their house into a home, they start outdoors.
Episode 2: Small business
Poh and her best friend, Sarah, have dreamt about opening their own market food stall since their days together at art school. Now that it’s a reality, they are constantly experimenting with new dishes.
Episode 3: Family
Poh learns how to make Chinese zong dumplings from her mother, Christina, visits a biodynamic farm, and finds out what it’s like to work a shift in the kitchen of Andre Ursini’s busy restaurant.
Episode 4: Community
The front yard is ready for planting at last and Poh and Jono choose a big range of plants at the nursery, meet an adventurous young chef, then get some help from their friends and neighbours.
Episode 5: Love... and pizza!
Poh and Jono start building an outdoor wood-fired oven and it's the perfect excuse for Poh to learn to make pizza the Italian way. The pair later escapes to the gorgeous beach at Port Willunga, south of Adelaide.
Episode 6: Celebration
The garden is nearing completion and Poh and Jono decide to have a party to say thank you to everyone who helped and to christen the new pizza oven. Fast forward three months and Poh is very excited to be cooking with her first crop of tomatoes.


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