River Cottage Australia

Paul West still has a lot to learn as a rookie farmer. 

From lost goats to good cooking, here's what Paul West is up to.
The then and now of the deep-fried Aussie milkbar classic, plus a healthy Chiko makeover.
Who rules the roost on the River Cottage farm? Hint: it’s not Paul West.
Paul West, the chef turned farmer, tells how he came to set up in "one of the most underrated places in Australia".
We're looking at you, carrot tops and leftover salad greens.

Country cooking

Fire up the stove for some classic baking, or preserve the harvest bounty with Paul's recipes. Scroll down for more from Paul. 

This cake is a cinch to throw together and is my go-to cake if I need something to have with a cuppa. 
Focaccia is such a flavour-packed and versatile bread to bake.
My preferred cut for roasting pork is the loin with the bone in.
This honey oat slice is a piece of cake (pardon the pun) to throw together.
I love preparing a simple salad that’s built around lightly toasted pearl couscous.

The chicken and the egg

Egg-cellent ideas inspired by Paul's productive hens. 

No egg rings, visible use-by date, or cracking know-how? No worries!

Chicken coop plans

Wondering if you could put a "palais de chook" in your backyard? These coop plans and tips from Costa Georgiadis will get you started.
These fave eggs-for-breakfast ideas can make a quick supper too!
Go on, have a crack (but do this one thing first).
Spice up devilled eggs with a jalapeno chilli kick for a quick and easy crowd-pleasing platter. 
This is a simplified version of a classic Claudia Roden recipe, and I really don’t think it’s lost any of its charm in my adaptation. 
These seedy slabs are an excellent alternative to those ubiquitous, sugary cereal bars.
Indian chapatis are easy, tasty and just what I want with a saucy curry or even a chunky soup.
These hearty unsweetened scones hit the spot when you need a chunky, bready accompaniment to soup or cold cuts. The sweetened fruity variation makes a...
The lemon cuts the intense sweetness of the condensed milk perfectly and the crushed biscuits on top give a sort of upside-down-cheesecake effect.
Pretty much a classic savoury ‘cobbler’, this hearty vegetarian main course looks fabulous as you bring it bubbling to the table.
A delicious comfort food that makes a perfect side (or a meal in its own right!), the curry spices add a burst of flavour to the roasted potatoes and parsnip.
This ‘traybake’ lamb curry is very easy to put together. At the end of cooking, I stir in some cashew cream in place of the more usual yoghurt, which gives a...
This thrifty, pared-down soup is earthy and comforting but still light. I like to think it follows the tradition of the best peasant cookery: using clever...