In his latest spice journey, Australian chef Shane Delia heads to Morocco and southern Spain to discover the region's mix of Moorish flavours.
27 Aug 2015 - 4:00 PM  UPDATED 9 Jan 2017 - 10:09 AM

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Episode 1: Lost in Fes

Aired Thursday 15 October at 8pm on SBS

Ever wondered how chefs invent new dishes? Enter the mind of a master chef, as Shane Delia begins a brand new spice journey in the ancient Moroccan city of Fes. Throughout this series, Shane will seek out new ideas to try in his test kitchen, before serving up these creations to paying customers at his Melbourne restaurant, Maha.



White bean b’sarra


Mint and apple b’stilla

Episode 2: Desert oasis

Aired Thursday 22 October at 8pm on SBS

For centuries, roaming caravans have crossed the Saharan desert en-route to Morocco, bringing with them exotic spices and trade goods that have infused the cuisine of Northern Africa. Shane Delia spends an evening under the stars at a desert camp, immersing himself in the tastes and techniques of Amazigh cookery. 



Preserved lemon and vegetable medfouna

Lamb shoulder tagine

Olive oil cake with date syrup

Episode 3: Mountains of food

Aired Thursday 29 October at 8pm on SBS

The peaks and valleys of the High Atlas Mountains are rich pickings for Shane Delia as he continues his spice journey through Morocco. In a mountain village, Shane is taught the traditional methods of preparing and cooking couscous. It turns out to be a laborious, but rewarding process. The question is, how will Shane adopt these ancient techniques in his modern test kitchen? 



Couscous with mountain vegetables

Lamb, chickpea and freekeh skhina

Moroccan crumpets with clementine marmalade and orange blossom yoghurt

Episode 4: Marrakech

Aired Thursday 5 November at 8pm on SBS

Shane Delia has arrived in Marrakech on a mission to uncover the tastes and cooking techniques of this dusty and exotic city. Exploring a rabbit warren of alleys, he makes discoveries in the bustling souk. Using this newfound knowledge, Shane goes to work in his Melbourne test kitchen, creating new dishes to serve to his restaurant customers.  



Harira with chicken dumplings

Tangia with veal shin and saffron

Chocolate pistachio m’hencha with apricot and basil ice-cream


Episode 5: African coast

Aired Thursday 12 November at 8pm on SBS

Morocco’s windswept Atlantic Coast is home to the world’s largest sardine fishery and Shane Delia is keen to sample some of the local fish kefta, along with Morocco's marinade mainstay chermoula. Interestingly, it’s the region's sought after argan oil that really allows Shane to unleash his creativity in his test kitchen. 



Sardine kefta with potato bread

Roast cauliflower hummus with wagyu beef and amlou dressing

Argan oil chocolate brownie with orange cinnamon ice-cream

Episode 6: Moor is more

Aired Thursday 19 November at 8pm on SBS

The Arabs invaded what is now Spain and Portugal in 711 AD, morphing the somewhat dysfunctional Christian society into an Arabic-speaking, majority Muslim state within the span of three generations. Shane Delia arrives in Andalucía and uncovers a cuisine whose roots are firmly grounded in Islamic cookery. 



Tuna tartare and mojama with pimento aioli

Prawn ajo blanco

Squid ink and sherry risotto with chorizo-stuffed calamari

Episode 7: Spanish Coast

Aired Thursday 26 November at 8pm on SBS

Sherry has gained a bad reputation as a cheap tipple enjoyed by older folk, but in Spain’s Sherry Triangle, the drink is loved by all. Shane Delia discovers the complex and nuanced flavours of this refreshing aperitif that is the perfect accompaniment to Andalucían cuisine and culture. But it's Michelin-starred chef Ángel León that really inspires Shane to lift his game - and back in his test kitchen the pressure is on!



Salt-crusted baked seafood with sherry cream

Sherry-glazed pork belly and prawn cake brioche

Chipotle chocolate fondant with almond milk ice-cream

Episode 8: Home of tapas

Aired Thursday 3 December at 8pm on SBS

Spain’s top shelf jamón ibérico is widely considered to be the world’s best ham. Shane Delia travels to a pig farm in the Spanish hills to see the unique environment needed to produce ham of this quality. Later, on a bar crawl in Seville, Spain's home of tapas, Shane finds another dose of inspiration. Upon returning to his Melbourne test kitchen, he attempts to create the ultimate tapas menu. 



Spanish potato salad with grilled octopus

Crunchy pig’s ear and morcilla with quail eggs and jamón

Lobster and prawn crackling pringa with gazpacho mayo

Orange blossom egg custard and pear sorbet with clove powder

Episode 9: The city that changed the world

Aired Thursday 10 December at 8pm on SBS

With the arrival of the Moors, Spanish cuisine was changed forever. The group introduced new foods to the region, along with cooking techniques and tastes. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the southern city of Cordoba. Here, Shane Delia immerses himself in the creation of one of Spain’s best cold soups salmorejo, before learning the recipe to Fighting Bull’s tail stew. With so much inspiration, Shane is spoilt for choice as he attempts to reinvent these recipes for his restaurant clientele. 



Salmorejo salad with quail egg, green apple, coriander seed and sherry dressing

Kangaroo tail with Jerusalem artichokes

Olive oil sorbet with Pedro Ximénez cake and orange curd


Episode 10: Made in Spain

Aired Thursday 17 December at 8pm on SBS

The spice journey comes to an end for Shane Delia, as he makes his way from Granada down to Malaga on Spain’s Mediterranean coast. But Shane’s love affair with the cuisine of this region is only just beginning, and this final episode sees the Aussie chef learn new recipes from some of Andalucía’s most accomplished (and humble) chefs.  Back in his test kitchen, Shane’s head is bursting with new ideas for dishes to serve up to his restaurant's diners. 



Sugarcane-glazed pork ribs with smoked and fried eggplant

Prawn and squid ink croquette with roast bone marrow 

Antequera-style braised rabbit with artichoke, fava and pea salad


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