• Seven new celebrities are heading to Sugar Free Farm. (Sugar Free Farm)Source: Sugar Free Farm
For 15 days seven celebrities including former Doctor Who star Peter Davison turn their backs on their unhealthy diets and bad habits and head to Sugar Free Farm - and this time, it's even tougher. How will they cope with giving up sugar, bad fats and refined carbs, and being put to work on the farm?
3 Mar 2017 - 4:51 PM  UPDATED 30 Mar 2017 - 9:55 PM

Tucked away in the rolling British countryside is an idyllic farm producing wholesome fruit, vegetables and meat, and even and organic milk and cheese from its very own herd of water buffalo. But this is no ordinary farm. For the next 15 days, it's Sugar Free Farm. 

Seven celebrities with terrible diets are turning their backs on sugar, bad fats and processed carbs. In return for hard manual labour they’re fed a diet of natural wholesome food. Will cutting out the rubbish prove to be too much for some?

Stepping up to the sugar free plate in season 2 of Sugar Free Farm are the fifth incarnation of Doctor Who, Peter Davison; former UK Conservative Party MP Ann Widdecombe; comedian Joe Pasquale; showbiz reporter, Alison Hammond; star of The Only Way Is Essex, Gemma Collins; and Britain’s Got Talent finalists, father and son Demi and Michalakis 'Lagi' Demetriou, the British-Greek father-son pair who make up dance duo Stavros Flatley. Under the watchful eye of the show’s new nutritionist, Hala El-Shafie, will the sugar craving celebrities survive the gruelling challenge and change their unhealthy eating habits for good?

Episode 1

Aired Thursday 9 March 8.35pm, then watch it on SBS On Demand

Our seven celebrities are confronted with their unhealthy eating habits, and submit to a radical diet totally free from sugar, refined carbs, unhealthy processed fats and cheap meat. From the moment they take up residence in the farmworkers’ cottage, they’re put to work to earn all the healthy food they eat. TV presenter Alison Hammond discovers the joys of cooking from scratch with natural ingredients, comedian Joe Pasquale discovers an aptitude for pig husbandry, and ex MP Ann Widdecombe overcomes an aversion to whole grains. But at the same time it’s a tough regime for the pampered celebs as they battle sugar withdrawal and knuckle down to the manual labour. Reality star Gemma Collins just can’t handle the farm work, and within 48 hours, going cold turkey on sugar proves too much to handle for one of the famous farmhands.

Watch the first episode here.

Episode 2

Aired Thursday 16 March 8.35pm, then watch it on SBS On Demand

The Sugar Free Farm visitors have given up sugar, cheap meat and processed fats, in the hope of improving their lives and forming healthy new eating habits. Four days in though, irritability is rising as the effects of the new diet kick in. Comedian and novice cook Joe Pasquale is on unfamiliar territory in the kitchen while reality star Gemma Collins continues her quest to find a farmer husband – this time in the chicken sheds. As they learn to appreciate the natural animal and dairy fats on the farm, the celebrities learn to make cheese and butter from scratch, and ex MP Ann Widdecombe discovers what really goes into the low fat spreads she eats every day.  But when two famous farmhands are caught having midnight feasts the chickens really come home to roost!

Episode 3

Aired Thursday 23 March 8.35pm, then watch it on SBS On Demand

As the effects of the new diet kick in after a week on the farm, and the sugar withdrawal symptoms start to recede, the celebs meet their meat – working closely with the farm’s livestock and choosing which ones go to slaughter. Comedian Joe Pasquale finds the life and death decisions difficult, while TV presenter Alison Hammond and actor Peter Davison struggle to play god when it comes to the young buffalo. And as they begin to feel the benefits of sticking to the natural, healthy diet, Stavros Flatley Senior (Demi) has a rude awakening about his famously large belly, and Junior (lagi) is confronted with the grim truth about his beloved breakfast sausage sarnies.

Episode 4

Aired Thursday 30 March 8.35pm, then watch it on SBS On Demand

The seven celebrities have spent nearly 2 weeks on the farm.They may be accustomed to the new diet, and they’re over the sugar withdrawal, but a new challenge looms. In just a few days’ time they’ll be back in the real world facing all their old temptations. Let loose at the village fair, comedian Joe Pasquale is sorely tempted by his favourite sweet treats and former Dr Who Peter Davison tries to resist a room full of cupcakes. Meanwhile Gemma Collins finally gets a taste for farmwork and Alison Hammond is surprised to discover that her tastebuds have adjusted to the absence of sugar.  And as fruit is finally put back on the menu former MP Ann Widdecombe has an unexpectedly steamy encounter with a bowl of strawberries. But in the meantime, have any of the Sugar Free Farmers lost weight?