Taste le Tour 2019

Everything to enable your inner Francophile during Taste le Tour.

After almost five decades of cooking, Gabriel Gaté still walks the walk and talks the sweet talk. #TasteLeTour
These are the best restaurants in France, according to retiring Taste le Tour host, Gabriel Gaté.
A chicken retailing for up to $65/kg might seem crazy, but there’s nothing quite like the French Poulet de Bresse anywhere else in the world.
Don't know your Roquefort from your Bleu de Bresse? That's okay, your fromage education begins here.
From buckwheat to black gram flour, the crepe may have been brought to popular culture by the French, but takes many forms across the globe.

Recipes from the show

This typical Atlantic prawn salad that includes the regional vegetables is perfect for a summer lunch or dinner party entrée. 
This is a great classic veal casserole that is part of the repertoire of all good French cooks. 
Sweetened chestnut spread is a chestnut ‘jam’ and called ‘crème de marrons’ in French. It is a very common and popular ingredient in French dessert making.
Until recently white asparagus was more common in France than green asparagus. The beginning of the asparagus season is much celebrated and most French...
Many of the top three-star restaurants all over France served this dish 40 years ago. It’s a great classic French dish to learn and perfect for a special occasion...
This salad is much loved all over France and especially by tourists who are discovering the amazing flavour of French goats’ cheese. You can vary the type of...
This popular winter dish can be prepared for a large number of people. I prefer to use free-range chicken drumsticks or thighs on the bone. 
The cool climate in the Picardy region north of Paris is perfect for growing apples and red fruits.  This family treat, delicious hot or cold, will never go...
This delicious dessert is made with cream and a fresh soft cheese called fromage blanc (‘smooth quark’). 
This great winter dish is typical of French farmhouse cooking where a pot with vegetables, meat and broth cooks slowly.
This lovely dessert requires a little experience to master and you may wish to practice it a few times before serving it for a special occasion.
This type of savoury cake has become very popular with French families and is usually served with a green leafy salad.