Taste le Tour 2019

Everything to enable your inner Francophile during Taste le Tour.

After almost five decades of cooking, Gabriel Gaté still walks the walk and talks the sweet talk. #TasteLeTour
These are the best restaurants in France, according to retiring Taste le Tour host, Gabriel Gaté.
A chicken retailing for up to $65/kg might seem crazy, but there’s nothing quite like the French Poulet de Bresse anywhere else in the world.
Don't know your Roquefort from your Bleu de Bresse? That's okay, your fromage education begins here.
From buckwheat to black gram flour, the crepe may have been brought to popular culture by the French, but takes many forms across the globe.

Recipes from the show

Huîtres au sabayon de Champagne is one of my favourite hot appetisers - perfect with a glass of Champagne.
This French family classic, brioche perdue, is traditionally made with day-old bread but now it's often made with brioche as a breakfast treat.
A simple and quick cake for afternoon tea. Gateau aux cerises et aux noisettes can be made with fresh cherries or jarred morello cherries.
Savarin au rhum, a yeast cake moistened with a syrup, is like a large rum baba, a great French classic from the Lorraine region. You'll need a 20 cm buttered ring...
This lovely dinner party dish, carré d'agneau rôti aux légumes printaniers, is made magic by the flavour of tarragon in the spring vegetables.
This comforting French winter dish, is a very much loved family classic in the Pyrenees region. The cut used in this recipe is lamb shoulder as it gives a...
The Pyrenees streams and torrents abounds with beautiful trout. This recipe uses bacon and chive as a crisp garnish.
This great family classic of French cuisine, poulet cocotte grandmère, is one of our children's favourite dishes. Give this easy, tasty casserole recipe a try and...
This classic Swiss veal dish, is famous all around the world. With the easy and delicious pan sauce, it makes for a great mid-week dinner. Ensure that you...
A wonderful winter dish to enjoy with the wine from Madiran or another robust red of your choice. This estoufat de joue de boeuf au Madiran is lovely served with...
The Rhône Valley abounds with fig trees and this beautiful late-summer dessert, figues rôties aux noix caramelisées, is easy to make and delicious.