Get ready to taste the Territory

Discover all the wild and wonderful offerings of the Top End with Jimmy Shu as your guide.

Whether you want a flaky roti canai or Indian pocket that puffs, here's what you need to know.
We've got the recipes for Top End street eats that'll bring the flavour of Darwin to your kitchen.
From luscious river mint fudge brownies to bread, damper, cakes and puds, native flavours add extra buzz to your bakes!
A rich beef curry, crunchy carrot, fresh cucumber and a nutty satay sauce are wrapped up in tender roti.
The Chinese-Sri Lankan restaurateur came to Darwin 29 years ago and never left - now he's hosting a brand-new Top End food series.

Cook along

Five spice is a traditional Chinese spice mix that is said to represent five flavours: sour, bitter, sweet, pungent and salty. Combined with hoisin sauce and...
These doughnuts are a delight of textures - a crispy outer shell surrounding a springy glutinous rice dough, with a delicious sweet mung bean ball at the centre.
This deliciously creamy cheesecake is raw, vegan and dairy-free. Top it with whatever fresh fruit is in season. 
The magpie goose is a water bird native to northern Australia, with lean meat similar to kangaroo meat but finer in texture. Here Jimmy has prepared them in...
A rich beef curry, crunchy carrot, fresh cucumber and a nutty satay sauce are wrapped up in tender roti.
This is a traditional Timorese recipe passed to Ibu Amye Un from her mother and grandmother.
This delicious vegan dish works as a starter or an accompaniment to a curry. A golden batter encases the spiced potato filling. 
Acacia Victoriae wattle is a native Australian tree that produces a seed with an aroma similar to coffee or fortified wine that is most often used in sweet dishes...
The flesh and skin of red bush apples have a unique tangy flavour. Combined with Granny Smith apples, they create a twist on the traditional apple bundle. 
Mud crab is an iconic Northern Territory delicacy. The body and claws are full of moist meat and they’re sweeter in flavour than ocean crabs. Green when caught,...
Barramundi is perfectly paired with tropical ingredients in this fragrant coconut cream curry. A traditional South Indian dish, it is also cooked in Sri Lanka,...
Pearl meat is the exquisitely flavoured muscle of the pearl shell - the same species that produce pearls. This iconic Darwin recipe created by chef Jimmy Shu...