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The Chefs' Line | Season 2 premieres Mon Aug 6

An all-new season is coming to your screens 6pm weeknights. Can the passion of a home cook beat the skills of a professional? Let's find out... #TheChefsLine

The A-Team

Who's coming to dinner? Check out what these passionate home cooks and restaurant chefs are plating up.

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The Chefs' Line | Episode guide

#TheChefs Line is back in an all-new season starting Monday 6 August at 6pm. Can passion beat profession?
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Fresh off the film set, Melissa Leong talks about eating fearlessly, food writing as a career, and why Australia’s culinary scene could do with a dose of glamour.
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As a chef and TV host, Mark Olive works in two of the most ego-driven industries out there, but this humble Bundjalung man is hungry for food, not fame.
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The Dan Hong effect

Sneaker fiend, tripe lover and executive chef Dan Hong talks food TV, celebrating diversity and why family recipes are often the best.
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Where would a cooking comp be without its judges? Thankfully, we’ve brought on some of the best in the biz: chef Dan Hong, food writer Melissa Leong and native...

Line them up

10, weeks, 10 cuisines - home cooks & trained restaurant chefs go head-to-head in Series 2 of The Chefs' Line 6pm weeknights starting Mon 6 Aug.

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Home cooks challenging an entire chefs' line from some of the best restaurants across the country. It's an escalating battle to get the best plate on the pass, so what...
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When winning is the only option - go big or go home, we say.
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Finally a cooking show that is actually about the food... #TheChefsLine
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We're not judging (heck, we've all been there). Those hindsight cooking moments that took your dish from delightful to disastrous, and yes, they were easily...
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Italian food is adored across Australia, but that hasn’t stopped several classics – pasta and pizza included – from being rather misconstrued. More than a carb...

The Chefs' Line recipes from season 1

Carne apache is a Mexican-style beef tartare, similar to ceviche in that it uses lime to cure and season the beef.
This is my modern take on ceviche - fish that has been cured with lime juice. 
Mole, a complex sweet and sour velvet sauce, is a classic Mexican dish. This is a modern mole, which I learnt to make in Mexico city.
The original nachos, eaten by Mexicans for breakfast as a nifty way of using up leftover tortillas and salsa from the day before.
A soft fresh corn tortilla is just as important as the fillings. Slow-cooked spiced beef is paired with classic sides: guacamole, roasted salsa and slaw.

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