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“When I told my mum I was opening Kepos Street Kitchen, she said to me ‘But who’s going to eat falafel for breakfast, Michael?’.”
Mahshid Babzartabi set up a cafe to help others through "the magic of food".
Alessandro Pavoni from Ormeggio at The Spit is a champion for modern Italian cuisine, but there's a good reason he won't eat pasta.
Noby Leong was a season one champion on The Chefs' Line. This is what happened when is late mother turned up in the spotlight.

The Chefs' Line S2 recipes

Spanakorizo is a common dish on the island of Crete, utilising many different wild and cultivated greens. This recipe offers a different take on the classic dish...
You'll immediately be transported to Greece with each mouthful - and the make or break of this dish is that perfectly cooked seafood. The Chefs' Line 
Nuts, sugar, syrup - we're all about a humble rice pudding, especially when it's got a baklava crumble sidekick. The Chefs' Line 
You had us at filo. Golden flaky pastry with a cheesy green filling to boot - spanakopita is always worth getting excited over. The Chefs' Line 
Drizzle the taramasalata with a generous amount of olive oil and serve with the warm olive oil bread - this is one recipe that dances around the double-dipping...

The Chefs' Line recipes from season 1

This is the classic Tuscan T-bone, fragrant with rosemary and garlic, traditionally served rare. Serve with another Tuscan classic, panzanella (a tomato and bread...
Polenta is a classic north Italian staple, typically served with rich hearty sauces such as ragù. I used to wake up on Sundays to my mum cooking polenta. It's not...
This a boozier version of tiramisù as I like to soak my homemade savoiardi (Italian sponge biscuits known as ladyfingers) in both marsala, which is...
The Gorgonzola sauce punches with a lot of big flavours, so I’ve paired it with a tomato salad to balance the cheese's intensity, so don’t leave it out.