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“When I told my mum I was opening Kepos Street Kitchen, she said to me ‘But who’s going to eat falafel for breakfast, Michael?’.”
Mahshid Babzartabi set up a cafe to help others through "the magic of food".
Alessandro Pavoni from Ormeggio at The Spit is a champion for modern Italian cuisine, but there's a good reason he won't eat pasta.
Noby Leong was a season one champion on The Chefs' Line. This is what happened when is late mother turned up in the spotlight.

The Chefs' Line S2 recipes

Pissaladiere is a caramelised onion, anchovy and olive tart originating from the south of France. The Chefs' Line
This recipe uses Kaiserflesch, a smoked pork product similar to speck. If unavailable, use speck or smokey bacon. The Chefs' Line
Served with our favourite side: the diplomat cream, which is a luscious mixture of creme patisserie folded through the softly whipped cream. The Chefs' Line
A good French omelette has a smooth surface, is light and fluffy on the inside and there's no browning at all. Spanner crab and prawn make for an egg-cellent...
To clean the mussels, simply give the shells a bit of a scrub under running water, and pull out their wispy beards. The Chefs' Line

The Chefs' Line recipes from season 1

These Turkish köfte are made from a combination of minced beef brisket and lamb belly for flavour and juiciness. You can cook them in a pan or over charcoal...
Legend has it that this dish was so delicious that the imam on tasting it, fainted, and so it was named "imam bayildi" meaning the "imam fainted". It's a classic...
I've added pomegranate molasses and preserved lemon for a bit of tang to this classic Turkish roasted capsicum and walnut dip.
This traditional Turkish sesame ring is delicious warm with haydari (which means strained yoghurt) or simply served with butter and feta. I love to eat it as part...
This labne is served with a burnt butter infused with dried chillies and fresh peppers. The name “atom” refers to the heat of the dried chillies, but luckily our...
A boozy addition to saucy prawns is certainly worth embracing thanks to this Turkish-style prawn recipe.
Muhammara is a classic Turkish dip made from roasted capsicum and walnuts. I finely chops the ingredients for the muhammara using a Turkish zirkh, a very large...