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Rich, creamy custard is the base of so many wonderful desserts. Enjoy our scrumptious selection of flans, puddings, tarts and ice-creams.

The British know full well what to do when the weather reverts to its grim, wintery default: make puddings. From trifles and jam roly-poly to bread and butter pudding...
There's a little bit of Asia in every bite of these pale green ice-cream cones.
This is the food dept's Australian answer to the traditional American pumpkin pie. So try kumara instead of pumpkin, for a little twist on Independence Day.
This month we take a look at traditional Christmas Eve dishes from across the globe, including this classic Filipino dessert.
Get set to celebrate with this fabulous chocolate pie recipe, served with a lavish cream topping and – just in case you couldn't get enough – even more chocolate.

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