Almost instant noodles

From vermicelli and soba, to hokkien and egg, we love these quick fixes. Try these salads and stir-fries for a quick weeknight meal.

Stir-fried pork in a rich sauce is the highlight of this classic dish. 
A favourite street food in Taiwan, these cold sesame noodles use a thin wheat noodle which is covered in a creamy sesame, peanut and soy sauce. The dish is so...
This classic Vietnamese salad combines crispy spring rolls with fresh herbs, juicy meatballs, sweet and spicy sauce and, of course, vermicelli noodles.
It’s very important to only cook one serving of this dish at a time so the noodles brown. Rice noodles become brittle if refrigerated, so buy them fresh from...
This Chinese noodle salad makes a perfect light lunch. All the different herbs add texture and flavour and are as important as the vegetables.

Instant noodle recipes