Ingredient: Butter

Butter is liquid gold when paired with the right ingredient – think steak, pasta and seafood. Flavour your beurre with porcini, walnut or honey.

This dish combines some of those excellent southern Italian flavours, the powerful herbiness of oregano matched with sweet honey and salty black olive combine to give...
This twist on Café de Paris butter substitutes spicy shrimp paste for the usual anchovies.
I originally ate this rich dish with aged blue cecil cheese. It is similar to Roquefort, but dry and chewy so it doesn’t melt into the noodles – a soft blue...
These ancient Berber pancakes are a popular snack and breakfast food in Algeria and also Morocco. They are commonly served with a honey butter mixture.
I love having some flavoured butters lying around, as they're an excellent way to add a bit of extra flavour and are very versatile.

Butter recipes