Serious salads

Because they don't need to be boring!

Turn leftover chicken and bread into a super-fast salad with crunchy croutons and a flavour-packed dressing. 
For this salad, I like to leave the potato skins on for colour and taste. Double the potato recipe for a larger feast, which also helps you use up more of the ...
Banana blossom features in many Vietnamese dishes. It’s often added to soups and salads, as it’s excellent at absorbing flavours and providing crunch.
When the marinated zucchini, lemon pickle and fresh romesco sauce come together, it's well worth the effort. Make a big batch to dish up for lunches all week.
Rocket, olives and cannellini beans make for a wonderfully flavourful, yet light salad. Perfect as a low-carb meal or as a side.

Mango tango

For when you need to dance with the tropics

This is also great for cooking on a barbecue - and you can do the same thing with other tropical fruit, such as papaya. 
Layers of sweet meringue and mango ripple ice-cream combine together with toasty coconut flakes and roasted macadamias to make the ultimate tropical cake –...
Kulfi, a traditional Indian ice-cream, takes hours to make. This is my great shortcut, using condensed milk and cream to create sweet creamy ice-blocks with...
This light, summery take on an Italian classic pairs white chocolate with fresh fruit. A great dessert to bring to any party!
Served chilled, its popularity lies in just the right balance of flavours and textures – the soft, sweet mango, light coconut cream, chewy sago pearls and...
Food Escapes
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The right kueh

Is this way.

Store cake in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 4 days. You will need a 20 cm square cake pan for this recipe. Egg whites can be frozen for up to 1 month.
Darren Robertson stuffs these deep-fried glutinous rice balls with pineapple and banana for a tropical treat. 
The pastry shells are made using a special mould called a pie tee. As the moulds are difficult to find in Australia, we’ve substituted wonton wrappers and baked...
“These delicate little coconut wafers remind me of Chinese New Year because they would always be offered as a snack during the practice of ‘open house’, where...
If you can’t get fresh pandan leaves for the pancakes, substitute 1 teaspoon pandan paste, which you can easily purchase from Asian or Indian food stores. It will...