Tart not sweet

Savoury plus pastry is a good way to be.

When presented with this idea, the first question most people ask is, ‘Is it sweet?’ or ‘Is it savoury?’ and the answer is, it’s both.
I blame Delancey for planting the seed that sprouted this tart. On one of our regular visits, I ordered a dish consisting of asparagus that was perfectly charred...
If you don't have broccoli in your fridge to make this tart, don't worry. Use frozen spinach or more peas.  
The pastry for this tart incorporates both butter and sour cream and it just makes the easiest, most delicious, delicate, flaky, buttery tart you have ever tasted.
This lard shortcrust pastry is savoury and very short – the kind my mum made for pretty much every purpose when I was growing up. Even with a dessert, an...

Tomato season

They’re the stars of kitchen, and we’ve got plenty of tomato recipes to prove it.

Light, golden brown, bubbled and blistered, these flatbreads are perfect with the sweet and slightly spicy tomato. 
A colourful dish from Pakistan that is not at all hot but extremely full of flavour.
Kalamata olives and ripe red tomatoes bring salty and sweet bursts to these Greek scrambled eggs. 
Peperonata is such a versatile dish. Served simply with bread, stirred through pasta, as a topping for pizza, stuffed into a panino, served on top of polenta and...
I love the classic version of these Middle Eastern baked eggs in spicy, rich tomato sauce. I wanted to know if I could make a vegan version that retained all the...

Cake but make it gluten-free

We wouldn't let a gluten intolerance prevent you from enjoying the sweetest things in life.

These almond-based orange-spiked brownies are so good, simple to make and even gluten free to boot.
With its soft, fluffy meringue and sweet custard sauce, canonigo is a Filipino take on the French ile flotante, and it’s every bit as tempting. The addition of...
This dairy-free, flourless number is the Jewish Passover dessert of choice.
This not-too-sweet gluten-free cake is a marvel: the cake stays moist even after a couple of days, thanks to the healthy oils from the pistachios, and the the...
Gluten-free cakes are sometimes hard to come by. Moist and flavoursome, these lamingtons won’t disappoint. Those with gluten or wheat intolerances and...
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