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Often touted as a healthy alternative to chocolate, carob is so much more. The earthy caramel flavours pair well with savoury food, much like chocolate in a Mexican mole.
This simple vegetarian pasta makes use of abundant zucchini with a whole kilo put to use in this recipe. It hails from the Italian village of Nerano on the...
Because you can never have too many pumpkin soup versions up your sleeve – here's one that's fragrant, highly cravable and easy to make.
This quick salad is all about the dressing - it gets creaminess from Japanese mayo, sweetness from mirin and acidity from orange juice for balance.
This decorative presentation is not only easy to do, it's a novel way to increase the vegetable component of a meal.

Savour the sour

Pucker up for all things lemon.

"A whole piece of salmon always looks impressive, and it's a simple crowd pleaser or weeknight meal to have in your repertoire. A browned butter and harissa sauce adds...
This thick, spoonable lemon curd-like pudding is like a cuddle from the warm summer sun in mid-winter.
This fresh and vibrant dish is perfect for summer entertaining. The acidity from the citrus will 'cook' the fish just slightly, as well as add a perky flavour edge.
A baked doughnut is as easy to make as a muffin – you just need the doughnut-shaped tins to get the doughnut look.  
In such a simple pasta dish, the haloumi is grated over the top for that salty kick coupling beautifully with the zesty lemon and spicy pepper.
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In shortbread recipes...

Mary Queen of Scots' fondness for shortbread is said to be the reason for its increased popularity in the 1500s. Nowadays it is loved so much there is even a National...
Mamoul bi lorz feature intricate designs that makes them as much art as biscuit. The centre is filled with crushed almond and both rose and orange blossom waters...
The tiny islands that make up the tropical paradise of Okinawa are some of my favourite destinations in Japan. The pace of life, the weather, the beauty and of...
This brittle, buttery tart — a giant shortbread of sorts — originates from Mantua, in Lombardy. 
Mastiha is such a unique intoxicating flavour, the sweet musky notes are unlike anything I have ever tasted. #BringBackTheClassics