Seafood sandwiches shining through

Nothing more than fresh seafood, a crisp green and a creamy sauce, sandwiched in fluffy bread.

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Behold the lobster roll! Perhaps the king of all sandwiches. Whoever came up with the idea of shoving freshly cooked lobster into a hot buttered roll was onto a very...
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We promise you that pickled herring is not only delicious it’s also really healthy (OK, apart from the butter ... and mayonnaise).
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This is a doorstep classic. Summery and fresh, it hits all the right spots in all the right places.
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Fish fingers (or fish sticks if you’re Stateside) have come a long way since their frozen cousins graced the family table over one hundred years ago.
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Do not underestimate the deliciousness of this end-of-pay-cycle sandwich treat.

Go vegetarian with 25 Indian sensations

With great spice, comes great responsibility and these vegetarian-friendly recipes have come to play.

This sublime dish comes from the western Indian state of Gujerat, which is almost wholly vegetarian thanks to Jain and traditional Hindu religious influences. Make it...
Striking the balance between savoury and sweet, these delicious Indian spiced fritters are quick and easy to prepare. Vegetarians will love this tasty recipe,...
This easy, one-pot dish is flavoured with ginger, cumin and turmeric and mildly spiced with Kashmiri chilli.
A good cauliflower curry is a work of art. Use this recipe as a starting point to make up your own version.
Soft paneer is cooked with spinach in this North Indian curry. 

10 times chocolate and peanuts were a perfect match

It’s a love affair that goes way back, and one we wish to celebrate.

Otherwise known as caramel slice, delve into this timeless favourite that is a delicious combo of crunchy, biscuity base, gooey caramel filling and glossy chocolate...
Rich peanut mousse is matched with chocolate cake and the duo smothered in a rich chocolate glaze in this decadent dessert. 
The texture of these glutinous rice balls is heavenly, as is the hint of white chocolate and coconut.
This dish became my signature dessert when I was at Lotus and it had a loyal and devoted following. At the time, everyone in Sydney was trying really hard to do...
These are inspired by “turtles”, a popular American candy invented in the 1930s. A chewy mess of caramel, pecans and chocolate, they've lent their famous flavour...

8 of the best Indian seafood curries

We’re working our way across India's seafood curries, from Bengali barramundi to Goan prawns.

This is an Australian-influenced Bengali curry. I'm showcasing our great seafood, using barramundi, prawns and mussels.
Embraced in the kitchens of Goa during Portuguese colonisation, vinegar is a key ingredient in Goan cuisine, giving many of its dishes their signature sharp edge....
The flesh of the mullet has a deep sweetness but with the intense umami character traditionally associated with lobster or crab.
This Indian fish curry is very fast and easy to make at home. Tamarind concentrate is available in some large supermarkets, and you'll need to dissolve it in...
Tamarind is one of our favourite ingredients. Its taste is hard to describe – it has a sweet-sour flavour that adds a completely distinct tartness to sauces,...