Soupy noodle

Rich coconut broth filled with noodles and whatever you fancy.

Traditionally made with rice noodles, prawns, chicken, tofu puffs and fish balls, this Malaysian curry laksa is not a dish of subtlety. A balance of sweet, sour, salty...
This came about from contemplating the gritty solids that gather at the bottom of a bowl of traditional laksa when the soup has been almost completely drunk. It...
Unlike the more well-known coconut-milk based curry laksa, the base broth is made from fish, tamarind and torch ginger flower, resulting in a lovely, sour,...
Coconut laksa is a favourite around Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, as well as here in Australia. The Asian influences within the cuisine of Australia’s Top End...
This rich laksa was inspired by my fishing trip with local Brian Lee to Cape Leveque, surely one of the best fishing spots in the world. 

Beet beet!

How to make the most of beet season's last leg before turning to tinned.

A key ingredient in this nutritious soup is actually an ancient grain: farro.
The mouthwatering combination of sweet and salty flavours in these tarts dance on your tongue. 
Fresh horseradish lifts this soup from the very good to the sublime. In its absence you could use a top-notch bottled version.
A fibre-packed breakfast grain bowl. Leafy green carrot tops are made into a pesto and pecorino crisps add an umami punch and crunch.
Looking for a holiday recovery recipe? Then this Mexican-inspired number is it. Nutty quinoa adds substance and it makes use of leftover roast turkey to boot.

Sweets from the East

Wednesday 14 August is Pakistani independence day but you can eat these all week.

This Turkish delight-like sweet was invented in my home town. As a child I would pass by mithai (sweetmeat) shops and look longingly at the many vibrant, colourful...
Sipping black coffee with a honeyed sohan caramel is my first grown-up memory of flavour. My  mother used to make these from a recipe given to her by a...
This creamy vermicelli pudding is a popular breakfast and dessert option for Muslims during Eid al-Fitr.
Thick, creamy and subtle, this kheer made with grated sweet potato and rice flour is total comfort food. Cold Lahori winter trips would include a freshly made...
This dish is also made in Iran and India, however this recipe is inspired by the version made in Pakistan.
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