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This hearty winter warmer is served with a smooth chutney made from the stalks of the silverbeet and parsley. The chutney has hint of brightness and sharpness to...
This is a really easy, spicy tomato soap that goes well with steamed rice and a protein or just by itself.
The squid is stuffed with minced pork, then served in a mild soup, often with rice or noodles. The tender texture of the stuffed squid in particular is excellent,...
This comforting, aromatic dal will stand alone as a main dish – or you can add it to your next curry spread.  
The centres of the balls become a little chewy and the exteriors are soft and fluffy, just the way I like them.

Jewellery fruit

Adorn all your dishes with pomegranate

This vibrant, tangy dish, which rings in autumn on the Balearic Islands, is another example of the Moorish influence on Spanish food.
Make a pretty edible gift for friends and family with the fragrant flavours of the Middle East. Package into cellophane bags or small white boxes, sprinkle with...
This duck is incredibly succulent, slow roasted for six hours and served with a slightly sweet sauce that's a blend of walnut and spices.
Round off a Middle Eastern meal with dainty little pots of smooth, creamy and aromatic semolina custard. 
“This is a wonderful quick salad that has a nice crunchy texture and fresh flavours. Sweet raisins and fresh pomegranate meet raw broccoli, coated in a yoghurt...
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In chocolate cake...

This roulade was inspired by the nostalgic flavour of after-dinner mints, with rich dark chocolate cake and a cool peppermint fondant centre.
‘Chocotorta’ is a common birthday cake in Argentina. The name is a portmanteau of the Spanish words for chocolate and cake.
Made of layered petit buerre biscuits and chocolate cream, this cake is best enjoyed with a strong cup of coffee or tea.
The exact origin of the recipe for this layered chocolate, cherry and kirsch cake is unclear, but one thing is for sure: it's a culinary challenge everyone...
This is a treasured family recipe passed down from my mother.