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Melbourne’s golden mile
This self-guided walking trail highlights the places, characters and events that made Melbourne "Marvellous" as a result of the city's wealth from gold. Marked with brass discs in the footpath, points of interest are outlined in an attractive guide booklet, available for $4 at city museums and major visitor attractions. The booklet contains $30 of discounts to other heritage attractions.

Gold Treasury Museum
Built on Gold

The story of the journey of Victorian gold, from the diggings, as it passed through the hands of the gold buyers, escort troopers and on some occasions, bushrangers until it eventually left the colony bound for the northern hemisphere. The exhibition describes how Victoria's new-found riches shaped Melbourne's future and paid for the many grand public buildings which still grace the city's streets.

Gold Treasury Museum
Melbourne; A City Built on Gold

Inspired by the epic story of Melbourne's development between 1852 and 1862 explored in Built on Gold, "Melbourne; a City Built on Gold" embraces historical themes and extends them to the current decade - giving visitors a glimpse of contemporary Melbourne. The comparative displays, which change concurrently, explore economic, cultural and recreational aspects of the city's life.


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