Catching up with Carrie and the gang!
Gavin Scott

13 Nov 2015 - 3:18 PM  UPDATED 13 Nov 2015 - 3:24 PM

The (abridged) story so far:

Just when Carrie thought she was out… Having left the CIA, Carrie had settled in to a new and happy life in Berlin with her daughter (remember her?) and new German boyfriend, Jonas.

Working as the head of security for a philanthropic foundation, she organised a trip to a refugee camp in Lebanon for her boss, only for it to blow up in her face – literally. But the assassination attempt she and her boss survived turned out to be aimed at her and not him.

Who’s trying to kill Carrie? And could it have something to do with a set of leaked CIA documents that have Saul, Berlin station chief Allison and a whole bunch of other people running around in a flap?

Why, yes, it could.

Quinn was tasked with putting out a hit on Carrie, which he and she faked together – but then Quinn went and got himself shot, before deciding to wander around the streets of Berlin bleeding to death. Turns out Allison, who Saul just happens to be sleeping with, is working with the Russians – and they’re the ones trying to kill Carrie.

On to this week...


Access denied

It’s always been about Carrie and Saul. Even when it was about Carrie and Brody, it was really about Carrie and Saul. And that was never more evident than this week when Carrie went to her former boss – ridiculous wig in place – to ask for his help.

For newcomers, Carrie provided a handy summary of the state of play as she railed against an unmoved Saul, who did well to maintain his constipated face and not burst out laughing at Carrie’s wig. She even gave him a free pass by saying, “Don’t look at me like I’m speaking Martian.”

Clever Carrie had pretty much pieced everything together, but Saul was unconvinced. “Want to tell me why the Russians give a s*** if you’re alive or dead?” That Saul – so testy.

As Carrie linked the first five episodes’ worth of plot together, Saul asked all the right questions. When it came to the leaked CIA documents, he pondered helpfully, “What is it they don’t want you to see?” Carrie hasn’t worked that answer out yet.

Fair enough, she’s been busy pretending to be dead. And so she dropped her demand on Saul. She needs him to get her the documents (since our hacker friends no longer have access to them – partly because one of them is dead).

“You want me to hand over a bunch of top secret documents to you of all people? You don’t think that might cause some problems?” Please, Saul – letting Carrie take a sneak peek at some classified papers is nothing compared to the stuff you’ve both pulled in the past.

Then, Carrie informed Saul that his own agency is following him. He didn’t buy it and told Carrie in no uncertain terms… scratch that, he concocted some metaphor about lines and walls, and basically told her no deal. It was harsher than that sounds, with Carrie left reeling at Saul’s attitude towards her – they’ve never been this on the outs with each other.

Spy vs spy

Of course, Saul is being followed and is still good enough at his job to work that out pretty quickly. He hasn’t wised up to the fact that his lover is also sleeping with the enemy so he accepted her claim that Dar was singlehandedly responsible for the surveillance.

Not realising how deeply she’s dropped him in it, Saul focussed on getting to the bottom of how anyone could have known about their plans for General Youssef and blown up his plane. His solution: sweeping the building for bugs.

This is where things could become very frustrating if Saul doesn’t work out Allison is playing both sides soon. If the sweep didn’t unearth any bugs, Saul said, “We have an even bigger problem”. You’re looking at her, champ.

When Saul’s brilliant plan was being carried out, he and Dar thrashed things out, with Allison displaying the spying skills that have obviously got her to where she is now – she stood outside the room and eavesdropped. She may as well have got a glass and held it up against the door for all the subtlety she showed.

Dar didn’t believe Saul’s claim that the Russians blew up the plane and threatened him with a polygraph test. Back at his hotel, Saul did his own sweep of his room before having a paranoid episode on a maid and her housekeeping trolley.

Saul had good reason to be paranoid at work the next day, where true to his word, Dar had a polygraph waiting, and Saul found himself locked out of the computer system. If anyone thought that would be enough to stop Saul, they didn’t account for him distracting IT long enough to jump on another computer and download a bunch of stuff to a flash drive.

Turns out Saul made off with a copy of the leaked documents and turned up to see Carrie’s boss, Düring, at his gentlemen’s club, hoping he’d pass the material on to her. Saul’s not stupid enough to just give Düring the files in front of everyone, which is a good thing since some CIA agents arrived and searched both Saul and Düring. Crafty Saul had left the info in Düring’s jacket pocket, which was sitting safely in the coat check.

Wigging out

After being berated by Saul earlier in the episode, Carrie made it back to the hideout where Quinn was bleeding out to find an irate Jonas. Not surprisingly, it’s ultimatum time. Poor Jonas, so naïve, thinking Carrie can go to the authorities.

Even so, she made little effort to stop him walking out on her – more cut up about Saul than about potentially losing her boyfriend. Welcome to the bottom of Carrie’s list of priorities, Jonas.

Next, Carrie showed up in the car park of her workplace – in the wig – to ask her boss, Düring, for the loan of his plane. And extra fuel. Carrie broke down over how much Saul hates her, how she’s let Quinn down and, kind of as an afterthought, how Jonas has left.

But she’s no victim – she takes all the blame. “I bring down everyone around me. I have this opportunity now to just go away and take the problems with me.”

Carrie really must think her disguise is rock solid, since she loitered outside her home with Jonas before heading to the airfield to disappear on Düring’s plane. Just as she was about to board, Düring showed up and gave her the info from Saul. Looks like Carrie – and her wig – are staying put.

There will be (more) blood

Despite his efforts to carry out a Mafia-style hit on himself last week, Quinn also isn’t going anywhere soon. In fact, he was bedridden as the good Samaritan (actually a Muslin man) tended to his wounds. While Quinn convalesced, who should show up to the same compound but one of 12 Muslim men – “confirmed jihadists” – whose release from prison was brought about by the information in the leaked document published by Carrie’s journalist frenemy. That’s handy.

The newly released man, Hajik, was convinced Quinn is a spy because, I don’t know, something about the way he lies unconscious is suspicious? Quinn’s saviour explained that Quinn wouldn’t even be there if he hadn’t rescued him and performed a blood transfusion on him. With his own blood. Later, we saw Quinn’s transfusion up close and it certainly looked like a homemade job.

Hajik continued to be suss on Quinn, even smacking him in the mouth, at which point Quinn realised he probably should be making a move if he wanted to stay alive. As the newly non-suicidal Quinn was leaving, Hajik pulled a knife on him. Bad move.

Even in his near-death state, Quinn managed to cut Hajik’s throat… with his own knife. But Quinn was stabbed in the scuffle as well. Cue: more blood. Time for another transfusion?


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