The Soup is an anarchic comedy show that is about to lose its 22-year battle against our obsession with celebrity culture. To commemorate its departure, we pulled together some of its greatest jabs.
Gavin Scott

20 Nov 2015 - 11:09 AM  UPDATED 20 Nov 2015 - 2:38 PM

Fans of basic cable clip shows despair – The Soup will take its leave from satirising reality TV and celebrity stuff-ups in December.

Originally called Talk Soup and hosted by Greg Kinnear, the weekly show aired on E! from 1991 to 2002. Rebooted by the future home of the Kardashians in 2004 as The Soup, it’s been hosted ever since by stand-up comedian Joel McHale, who has gone on to star in Community and a number of films – and will no doubt be fine despite the show ending.

Here are some of The Soup’s best moments...


Joel vs Tyra

The Soup has picked on a lot of people over the years, but few as frequently as America’s Next Top Model host Tyra Banks, whose short-lived talk-show came in for pretty much weekly skewering. When her show ended, McHale and his team put together a glorious mashup to send the model off in style.

Needless to say, Tyra wasn’t too happy about her treatment. "It's people like Tyra who don't get it and don't like us," Joel told A.V. Club. "She's the only one that tries to stop us."


Lifetime Trainwreck Award

Not every celebrity got annoyed when they found themselves in The Soup’s line of fire. In fact, former child star Danny Bonaduce was so proud of the Lifetime Trainwreck Award he received from The Soup that not only did he turn up in person to receive it but a clip of the moment takes pride of place on his website.


"Good morning, good morning, everybody. In the news this morning, good morning."

Sometimes you don’t have to do that much to wind up on The Soup – over and over again – as Today presenter Ann Curry discovered with a simple greeting. The footage of her saying “Good morning, good morning, everybody in the news this morning, good morning” was one of The Soup’s most played clips – and would turn up even when you weren’t expecting it.

And here's the mashup:


Oprah’s what now?

Oprah Winfrey is another TV personality whose soundbites would get played ad nauseum – especially the clip of her swinging from a rope proclaiming that her “vajayjay is painin’”. That nugget got its own segment: Oprah’s Va-jay-jay.


See also: sweet potato.


Stephanie Pratt: Unlikely voice of reason

You’d expect Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan to have their own segments on a show like The Soup. Not so much second-string The Hills cast member Stephanie Pratt. But Stephanie Pratt: Unlikely Voice Of Reason became a regular part of the show. Stephanie even showed up when her segment was retitled Miley Cyrus: Unlikely Voice Of Reason.


Greg Kelly embarassing himself

Good Day New York anchor Greg Kelly probably didn't need The Soup's help to look like a buffoon. But he got it anyway. His tangential outbursts and complete disregard for normal TV protocol made him a favourite with The Soup team.

You should probably watch this Greg Kelly clip too:


Can anyone understand True Detective?

No. No they can’t. This clip speaks mutters for itself.


Taking aim at the Kardashians

Just because The Soup was on the same network as Keeping Up with the Kardashians and its various spin-offs, that didn’t stop jokes – and some really pointed ones – being made at the famous family’s expense. Often.



Without a doubt, the creepiest of all the recurring characters on The Soup is Mankini. Yes, even creepier than the dancing maxi-pad. Played by Dominic DeLeo, a writer/producer on the show, Mankini was intended as a throwaway character but the bikini-top wearing slob soon became an integral part of the show.


The increasingly elaborate Clip of the Week titles

Another regular participant in The Soup has been Chihuahua Lou (the pet of executive producer Edward Boyd). In recent years, the titles for the show-concluding Clip of the Week, which see Lou re-enacting parts of famous shows, have gotten completely out of hand.


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