Last week, no one was incarcerated, but in this episode 5 of series 2 of The Fall, “The Perilous Edge of Battle”, everyone’s behind bars, pretty boy serial killer Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) included.
Gavin Scott

11 Dec 2015 - 3:08 PM  UPDATED 18 Dec 2015 - 4:34 PM

The paedophile priest

While Gibson (Gillian Anderson) and the team start putting an arrest strategy in place for Paul, Burns (John Lynch) visits a former priest who’s even creepier than he is. Father Jensen (Sean McGinley) knew Paul when he was young and says, with a sickening hint of excitement in his voice, “He was a very pretty boy.”

Not surprisingly, Jensen in in jail for molesting young boys. He’s a defiant kind of sicko, insisting that “every one of those boys consented… they enjoyed it”. Yep, he’s an abomination. But he claims to have information about the young Paul – and comes through with the goods, allowing Burns to track down Paul’s juvenile record (under yet another name). Turns out Paul has been up obsessing over women since his teen years.


The skanky nanny

While being followed by police, Katie (Aisling Franciosi) literally locks herself to Paul, fixing a padlock with her and the killer’s names written on it to one of the bridges where young lovers all do the same. She then unwittingly leads her surveillance team to the seedy hotel where Paul has been staying – and once Gibson learns there is a room registered in his name, she wants it treated like a crime scene.

As officers descend on the hotel and handcuff the peeping tom manager, Katie frantically tries to destroy evidence in Paul’s room until she, too, is apprehended and led off to a waiting cop car. A nation cheers.


The target

Looks like the surveillance jig is up. Paul leaves his flooded house to jog to the Botanic Gardens and ditch more evidence in the pond there. Travelling by roads that are inaccessible to vehicles, he manages to dodge the cars trailing him. But as luck would have it, he runs straight into Jimmy Tyler (Brian Milligan), the abusive husband of his counselling client (so that storyline did serve a purpose, after all).

Bizarrely, even though Paul has murdered innocent women, who didn’t want him to triumph in a showdown with the all-aggro tough man? And it looks like Paul might just come out on top, until Jimmy’s snivelly little offsider pulls a gun on him.

Even in Belfast, two men holding a gun on a third in broad daylight doesn’t go unreported and the police are soon called to Spector’s location. As Gibson’s favourite redhead protégé turns up, gun play ensues leaving Jimmy’s flunky dead, Jimmy fleeing the scene and Paul in custody. What a dilemma: they can’t just let Paul go, but they don’t actually want him arrested just yet.

Still, a bird in the hand and all that. So after he answers questions about the situation involving Jimmy, Paul is allowed to walk away… into the waiting arms of Merlin Tom Anderson (Colin Morgan), who does arrest him for kidnapping Rose Stagg (Valene Kane).

Anderson interviews Paul in the most deadpan manner possible, but fails to elicit any sort of response – even in the face of video footage of a kidnapped Rose from Paul’s phone. And so Gibson sends in her best weapon – a brunette police officer, with her luscious locks flowing freely as she further arrests him for the Brawley attack, new evidence having come to light. Now that gets a reaction, even if it is just Paul staring into the surveillance camera in his cell. He knows Gibson is watching – and we all know next week’s finale will see them finally come face to face.


The clueless wife

The police really make a clean sweep of it, also arresting Sally-Ann (Bronagh Waugh) for perverting the course of justice due to that time when she provided Paul with a false alibi.

Before anyone has time to ask: “But who’s going to look after the kids?”, Sally-Ann reveals to the friend she calls with her one phone call that she’s pregnant. Sucks to be her.

In her police interview, poor, dim Sally-Ann thinks this all has something to do with Paul’s affair with underage Katie. Boy, will she get a shock when she learns what’s really been going on.


Catch up on episode 5 here. The Fall returns Thursday, 17 December at 9:30pm (AEDT) on SBS.


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