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Season 2, episode 9, ‘The Castle’... some pretty huge spoilers ahead.
Jim Mitchell

11 Dec 2015 - 2:53 PM  UPDATED 11 Dec 2015 - 2:53 PM

This week it was time to hold the phone or other device, get our collective knickers in knots, gird our collective loins…. and so on because this was the episode where pretty much everything happened. It was the penultimate of Fargo’s second season and when you’re in the realm of an anthology series that means all bets are off (well, almost). Lots of people die in a variety of ways and there are a lot of incredible moments.

Here are our favourites:


The curiously familiar narrator

Episode nine opened with a typically Fargoian creative flourish as the tome The History of True Crime in the Mid-West flutters open to the blood-soaked events of season two.

But who is that narrating?  The plummy English voice sounded so familiar until finally the realisation hit that it is none other than Martin Freeman – season one’s wily cornered rat Lester Nygaard – without the funny accent. It’s a fitting nod to Fargo mythology. 


Peggy’s nonchalance

It’s been a cornerstone of Peggy Blumquist’s character beautifully played by Kirsten Dunst and in this installment Peg really let’s her nonplussed flag fly:

“He wanted a haircut and I stabbed him with the scissors….. in the back,” she willingly and unflinchingly tells a gaggle of police, of her defensive move against Hanzee Dent (Zahn McClarnon).

But the real doozy came out of Peggy’s mouth on this week’s jaw dropping denouement:

“It’s just a flying saucer Ed. We need to go.”


The body count

“We’ll be together again. On high,” Bear Gerhardt (Angus Sampson) reassures his grieving crime matriarch Floyd (Jean Smart) when she wistfully says she misses her family, the majority of which are now dead, disappeared or in jail.

But Bear’s prediction will come to fruition sooner than he (and certainly we) thought as major characters are mowed down at the Sioux Falls Massacre.


The extent of Hanzee’s betrayal

“I can’t vouch for your safety is all.”

Was it a warning salvo from Hanzee to Floyd or a foretelling of mission accomplished? One of the most satisfying story strands this season has been the development of Hanzee Dent from supporting player to a key protagonist who will bring down the Gerhardts, the family that raised him but treated him as an outsider.

In a deadly double cross, he leads Floyd and Bear straight to line of fire of the police. It’s a chilling moment registered in alarmed eyes when Floyd realises the extent of his betrayal.


Mike Milligan, MIA

If anyone should have been front and centre of the massacre it’s this season’s terrifically dry bad guy Mike Milligan (Bokeem Woodbine). But the writers chose to have him turn up only to briefly witness the corpse-laden aftermath with a retort worthy of Peggy: “Ok then.” The good news is he survives for the finale.


The huge mother-flipping UFO

Either everyone was on a massive acid trip (not out of the realm of possibility) or Fargo creator Noah Hawley was finally delivering on the promise that there’s alien activity in the Midwestern skies. It was a bold move; one that FX channel big wigs weren’t convinced could be pulled off.

In a truly breathtaking sequence, a light ray from a massive, hovering UFO distracts Bear as he and Lou (Patrick Wilson) tussle violently, giving Lou the upper hand. The aliens are REAL people. It’s indisputable. But what the hell are they doing? Could they be friendly ETs?

Answers, however opaque, are sure to be revealed as season two wraps up next week.


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