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Genevieve Dwyer

18 Dec 2015 - 2:53 PM  UPDATED 18 Dec 2015 - 3:02 PM

Lee Lin Chin reading mean tweets

Sick of that mean tweet format that has seen celebs reading out depressing tweets from their trolls? Well ya kween Lee Lin subverted the genre this year, proving that no one trolls harder than her!

Seriously though, it’s rare that an appearance by the Chinster doesn’t result in side-splitting laughs.


The Feed

Those guys at The Feed sure know how to stay on top of current events, and occasionally they even find time to be funny too.

A fave segment is "Douche of the Week" – which means that the cream of all douches was of course, their "Douche of the Year":


If You Are the One

It’s hard to pinpoint a single moment from China’s (and now Australia’s) favourite dating show, because any time a contestant opens their mouth, it’s pretty much a goldmine for zingers such as these:


Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Andy Samberg might be the star of the show, but special mention must go to Chelsea Peretti as Gina – who is truly an evil genius.


Toast of London

Voice over artists will just never be as suave as Matt Berry as Steven Toast… nor as weird.



I mean, it opened with Conchita Wurst flying in like an angel, what more could you possibly ask for?

Well actually, you could ask for Austria to enter James Bay’s apparent doppelganger and get him to suddenly set his piano on fire for no apparent reason...

Then there’s the choreography, which was pretty Nek level too:


Kebab Kings

It’s thanks to this excellent documentary series that Australia now has a true understanding of the kebabble – something that all of us have probably been guilty of on some late night or other…


The Office

There’s rarely a moment in SBS 2’s The Office which isn’t LOL-worthy but this particular prank by Jim really took his Dwight-trolling to a whole new level. Truly inspired:


South Park

After all these years, you think Matt Stone and Trey Parker would have run out of ideas, but then season 19 came along and gave us what we always dreamed of: Randy doing the Whip Nae Nae.


Room 101

Like some twisted counselor, Paul McDermott got a host of different celebrities to revealed their darkest fears and pet peeves in order that we all could laugh at them. Special mention must go though to that time he got Dave Hughes to talk on helium…