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Sorry to ruin your holidays but this is just a friendly reminder that ALL these shows left us hanging last year so they BETTER have a juicy follow up!
Genevieve Dwyer

28 Dec 2015 - 3:06 PM  UPDATED 28 Dec 2015 - 3:06 PM

WARNING: If you’re not up to date, there are many spoilers below.

The Fall

The season two finale left many fans screaming at the telly after DSI Stella Gibson FINALLY had the repugnant serial killer Paul Spector in custody only for the self-appointed vigilante Jimmy to show up and SHOOT HIM. Oh and that handsome cop, DS Anderson.

Then as we see Stella clutching to Spector saying “We’re losing him!” the credits roll! ARRRGHH!

Does Spector live or die? What about Anderson? And let’s not forget Rose – Spector’s final victim who they’ve just found in the boot of a car. THREE LIVES hang in the balance! Is this really justice if Spector never has his day in court? SO FRUSTRATING!

Thankfully season three has been slated for 2016 and, SPOILER ALERT, the cast does reportedly include the hunky Jamie Dornan. Then again, he could just be there for flashback purposes, so really, there’s no way of knowing for sure until next year.


Um, NOTHING was resolved in the series finale of this captivating Aussie zombie thriller. Constable Hayes’ wife Emma has welcomed their baby but the doctor tells the new dad that she technically died briefly on the operating table. Does that mean she’s one of the undead now too? What about their baby? IS IT A ZOMBIE BABY?

There are so many questions unanswered with this series - the main one being, what caused all these people to rise from the dead, in apparent perfect health, and why are they unable to leave the town (without evaporating).

Thankfully, ABC has confirmed that there WILL indeed be a second season of the show after its surprising success so hopefully we can finally get some answers!

Big Bang Theory

Did Sheldon and Amy really finally get it on? Really? Then why did Sheldon just hint that they’d watched the Star Wars movie at the end? What does this mean for their future relationship??? Will this finally change Sheldon into a normal human??

Game of Thrones

There are many questions left after the nailbiting season five finale, and they are mainly about who is still alive or dead. For example: Is Stannis really dead after Brienne pounced on him? Is Sansa still alive? WHY is Ramsay Bolton still alive? Did Myrcella actually die after being united with her uncle-dad Jaime? What about Jaqen H’ghar? Are those Dothraki that track down Daenerys gonna help her or murder her?

But most importantly – WHAT HAPPENS TO JON SNOW? HBO seems to think he’s not dead. But oh god are they messing with us?

Also, what happened to Gendry? Has he rowed his way to Antarctica yet?


So is Selina still “leader of the free world?” After her crisis in confidence, feeling certain that she’d lose, the election ended in an apparent tie. “We have one more hurdle to overcome, and we shall overcome!” Is Amy really ditching her new job because she misses her tyrannical old boss? Does that mean they’re working together again?

Masters of Sex

The season three finale left many questions about Bill and Virginia, not to mention his wife Libby, hanging in the air. Both Virginia and Libby have been tempted by other men and as we see Virginia about to skip town with the suave Dan Logan, she looks over her shoulder. “Are you afraid he’s coming, or are you afraid he’s not?” Dan asks.

Meanwhile, what happened to Virginia’s son? Has he gone full Kurtz in Vietnam?

Orphan Black

Is Delphine really dead? While season three ended with her getting shot in the car park, fans are speculating that she’s still alive because she’s too central to the plot to be left behind! Graeme Manson has hinted to Indiewire that she may survive: "Where did she get hit? In the liver? I'm not sure that's fatal," he said.

As for Sarah, spoiler alert, BBC America have stated in a press release that season four will see a dramatic new twist with a horrifying new antagonist prompting Sarah split away from the rest of the “sisterhood”! Manson has also hinted that it might finally be time that Sarah gets a love interest…

Mr Robot

What happened to Tyrell? Is that guy at the end Whiterose? How do we know what’s real and what’s just another of Elliot’s hallucinations? Who IS it that comes knocking on Elliot’s door in his final scene?

The good news is that season two has officially begun shooting so hopefully fans wont have to wait too long to find out!