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The results are in. Comedy and laughter is like green eggs and ham to Aussies.
Nick Bhasin

20 Jan 2016 - 12:10 PM  UPDATED 20 Jan 2016 - 12:36 PM

We always suspected this to be the case, but we never knew for sure. Until now.

According to Roy Morgan Research, half of the country (over the age of 14) does not want to laugh. They just don’t. 

When given the opportunity to watch, read or listen to something, only 50% of Aussies choose “something funny”. This figure is down from 54% in 2011, which, as we all remember, was a hilarious year.

Laughers by state

Even Queenslanders, the laughingest Aussies of all, are increasingly passing on the laughs – 58% chose comedy in 2011, but in 2015 only 52% felt the need for a laugh. Now, Western Australia has the most laughers at 53%. Victoria and NSW/ACT are split down the middle.

And you can forget about South Australia and Tasmania. Less than half of those buzzkills will openly welcome laughter into their homes – 47% and 44%, respectively.

There is nothing funny on TV

A key component of the research says that more and more Aussies are passing on comedy after dinner, which is when the bulk of any comedy programming would be offered. Of course, there’s very little to laugh at on free-to-air TV (Pay TV and SVOD shows were not included in the survey of 50,000 people), unless you think My Kitchen Rules is funny (it’s not).

According to the survey, Aussies are still into Big Bang Theory, Modern Family and Mrs Brown’s Boys (yikes!), but none of these are as popular as sport and reality competition shows.

In fact, according to Think TV, not one of the top 40 programs on broadcast TV in is technically a comedy. (I didn’t see it, but the trailer for House of Hancock made it look hilarious.)

What in Heaven's name is happening here?

Has Australia become such a somber place? Are we getting all our laughs at work? Or is everyone just saving the serious laughter for Here Come the Habibs?

Honestly, why would anyone choose not to laugh? It helps you lose weight AND it's fun...