Guy Fieri is the king of using superlatives to describe the dishes he tries on ‘Diner Drive-Ins and Dives’. His catchphrases are so unique he’s essentially invented his own special language, which is why we’ve tried to decipher some of them for you.
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27 Jan 2016 - 12:06 PM  UPDATED 27 Jan 2016 - 12:08 PM

“We’re riding the bus to flavourtown!"

‘Flavourtown’ is perhaps Fieri’s most well-known phrase. It is reserved for the greasiest, fattiest, yet most crazily-delicious foods. Usually the dishes are completely extravagant and over the top, like a triple-bun burger with fries.


 “This is Out of Bounds/ Off the Hook!”

Also reserved for only the truly (and often surprisingly) delicious food items, it’s usually uttered in a somewhat reverent tone and followed by “This is honestly in the top five [insert dish name here] I’ve ever eaten.” 


“This is Gangsta!”

Most of Fieri’s phrases refer to a dish being tasty, but “gangsta” is a way of referencing the fact that the dish is also a little rebellious – like waffles topped with buttermilk fried chicken.


“This is Money/That’s Money”

Guy loves to use the word ‘money’ as an adjective and always says “that’s my line” if someone else tries to use it. Essentially, this phrase means the dish is seriously good but sometimes also refers to the dish being good value, like a signature house-made roast beef sandwich with fried eggplant and mozzarella.


"You could put that on a flip flop"

In reference to a sauce or dish that tastes so good that it would still be delicious even if you put it on something as unappealing as a flip-flop (that’s a thong to us Aussie’s).


 “Holy [food item], Batman!”

This dish is startlingly delicious and has taken Fieri by surprise. Sometimes, he also uses this phrase when the portion size is especially large. Usually the food item he adds into the phrase isn’t about the dish, it just needs to rhyme, so he might say “Holy clam, Batman!” when talking about an enormous pizza. 


 “Shut the Front Door”

This one is not to be taken literally, it’s more or less Fieri’s way of saying ‘it’s so good, I can’t even describe it’. It’s reserved for moments when his tastebuds are left dancing.


“Hold Me!”

Something he mutters after he tastes something especially good and he needs to be comforted because the joy of tasting the food was too much for him.


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