Saturday 13 February, from 8.30pm on Foxtel channel 430.
World Movies

2 Feb 2016 - 10:47 AM  UPDATED 2 Feb 2016 - 11:05 AM

Say ‘Noé’ to Valentine’s Day and spend it with the most notorious punk rock auteur in cinema today. In an anti-Valentine’s Day treat, World Movies presents four stunning films by provocative director Gaspar Noé, including Love, Enter The Void, I Stand Alone and Irreversible.

Saturday 13 February 8.30pm
Love (2015, Belgium)

A young man who feels trapped by an unplanned child with his girlfriend looks back on a previous, perhaps darker, relationship with a woman who is now missing. Directed by master provocateur Gaspar Noe.

Saturday 13 February 10.50pm
Enter the Void (2009, Canada)

Gaspar Noe's follow up to the controversial Irreversible premiered at Cannes 2009, shows the underside of Tokyo through the eyes of two young tourists working as a stripper and a drug dealer.

Sunday 14 February 8.30pm (Australian Television Premiere)
I Stand Alone (1998, France)

Set in France in 1980, a middle-aged ex-con, former butcher tries to salvage a life that has long been on the skids. Plagued by racist, misogynist thoughts and a hair-trigger temper, he looks for a job, tries to borrow money, and attempts to retrieve his daughter from an institution. If you saw this man walking toward you, you'd probably cross the street. Director Gaspar Noe decides, instead, to take a walk inside his brain.

Sunday 14 February 10.10pm
Irreversible (2003, France)

A demanding, rewarding emotional odyssey that stars real-life couple Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel. Visceral and scarring, it outraged at Cannes, but was nominated for Best Film.