• Meng Fei, the host of If You Are The One. (SBS)Source: SBS
You should know that choosing only 10 was not easy…
Claire Stewart-Moore

12 Feb 2016 - 8:08 AM  UPDATED 19 Feb 2016 - 3:10 PM

If you’ve been super-glued to If You Are the One since it’s Australian premiere in 2013, then you’ll know that there’s a classic moment practically every time someone opens his or her mouth.

However, if I had to pick JUST 10, these would be it…

(I feel like Meryl Streep in Sophie’s Choice.)


1. When four traditionally dressed women performed Gangnam Style 

These culturally conventional Spice Girls put a whole new spin on Psy’s hit. They re-recorded the track, classed up his signature dance moves, and even SHOWED THEIR ANKLES!


2. When Ouyang Zetian (Number 12) hit on Meng Fei

We all know that Meng Fei’s a stud and a half, but Ouyang Zetian wanted to make her feelings blatantly clear.

When Grandpa Meng asked her what superpower she’d like to have, she chose invisibility. Why? So she could GO TO HIS HOUSE WITHOUT BEING SEEN. Mr. Meng’s response? “Visit my home tonight.” Oh-em-gee!


3. When Aussie boy Ben McMahon handed out Tim Tams

A beautiful, bilingual bloke handing me delicious chocolate – what’s not to love? Dapper Ben even gave the girls tea to wash away the crumbs and showed them how to bite the corners to make a straw, like a true blue Aussie!


4. When a contestant arrived dressed as a minion

Normally, role-playing is about skimpy skirts, leather and lace. I don’t think that jaundiced, overweight cartoon characters make the cut… But, this contestant was determined to prove that strangeness is sexy! He even brought a rose for each girl to sweeten the deal.


5. When Xu Yi (Number 12) fell in love with a contestant before the show 

Once upon a time, there was a contestant who came on the show for his childhood friend Xu Yi. Cutely enough, she had come on the show for him, too. And so, on international television, they confessed their long-time love for each other! (A phone call would’ve been easier, but at least they got their happy ending.)


6. When a contestant confessed to sleeping with a python

This contestant didn’t waste any time slithering around the subject. During his first video, he launched into the subject of his love for his pet snake and how they sleep together! I don’t have to tell you how many lights remained on after he shared that detail, but in case you’re wondering: ZERO.


7. When Wu Jiao (Number 14) forgot to turn off her light

Wu Jiao was a deadly combination: one of the most popular girls and one of the hardest to impress. Eventually, fantasising about Le Jia’s smile got the better of her and she left her light on! Even though it was unintentional, she was forced to leave with a contestant she didn’t like!! THIS IS WHY WE PAY ATTENTION IN SCHOOL, KIDS.


8. When a contestant took home an audience member

With no lights left on, this contestant was about to become another skulking, mass-rejected loser. BUT… just before he left, Fairy Godfather Meng Fei asked members of the audience to stand if they were interested in him. A few did, and the contestant was able to walk through the stalls and choose someone! 


9. When Ma Nuo (Number 2) told a contestant that she’d “rather cry in a BMW” than date him

Now, there have been a CRAPLOAD of cringe-worthy moments on If You Are The One, but this goes down in history as the showstopper. When asked by a contestant if she’d go bike-riding on a date, Ms Ma said that she’d “rather cry in a BMW, than laugh on the back of a bicycle”.  This not only outraged the audience – making Ma Nuo the most hated woman in the country – it also prompted the Chinese government to crack down on the show’s morality.


10. When Aussie girl Feng Guo (Number 19) found love

This is what it’s all about, people! Beautiful Sydney-based Feng Guo signed up to be a part of the If You Are The One: Australian Special and WHAT DID SHE FIND? Tim Tam giver and Chinese culture enthusiast Ben McMahon! Here they are, representing both peace AND love because they’re great. Of course… then it didn’t work out. But it was still a great moment!


If You Are the One: Australian Special airs Sunday 21 February at 7.30pm on SBS 2. After it airs, the episode will be available on SBS On Demand.