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Explore the entire globe from the comfort of your armchair. Once you’ve worked your way through this extensive collection, you’ll know exactly which places you want to experience for yourself.
Shane Cubis

11 Mar 2016 - 12:09 PM  UPDATED 19 Jun 2018 - 4:17 PM

Unplanned America

Starring: Pawel Jarecki, Tim 'Gonzo' Ryan, Nick Maher

Destination(s):  USA

What’s it about?

Three Aussie mates, Gonzo, Nick and Parv, pool their cash and head off the beaten path, throwing away the travel guides to take on the wide open roads of the USA. From the mountains of Colorado to the Californian desert, NYC and Chicago, they uncover the subcultures, weirdos and outrageous things that make America unique.

James Nesbitt: River Deep, Mountain High

Starring: James Nesbitt

Destination(s): New Zealand

What’s it about?

Irish actor James Nesbitt fell in love with New Zealand while he was filming The Hobbit trilogy. In this documentary, he journeys around the North and South Island, taking in the spectacular scenery, vibrant towns and colourful characters. From whale watching at Kaikoura to learning the haka and getting tattoos from local Maoris, James explores the history of one of the world’s most stunning countries.

Britain’s Best Drives

Starring: Richard Wilson

Destination(s): United Kingdom

What’s it about?

Actor Richard Wilson drives into history as he travels the famous roads around Britain. In each episode of this six-part series, Wilson drives a different classic car and sets off along a renowned road route from the recent past. Whether he’s motoring from Scarborough to the North Cornish Coast in a Volkswagen Type 2 or navigating the Trossachs in a Bentley Mark VI, each episode takes in the history of the local towns and major sights along the way.

Taste Le Tour

Starring: Gabriel Gaté

Destination(s): France, Netherlands

What’s it about?

French chef Gabriel Gaté keeps pace with the Tour de France’s stages as they make their way through the Netherlands and France. Along the way he drops by local farms and meets with artisanal cheesemakers and pastry chefs. Working with all this quality produce, Gabriel whips up a classic regional and French dish in each location.

Australia With Simon Reeve

Starring: Simon Reeve

Destination(s): Australia

What’s it about?

This three-parter sees Simon Reeve embark on an adventure around Australia. From colourful locals to amazing wildlife, he uncovers the wonders of our island continent and explores the pros and cons of the local resources industry. Reeve visits the Red Centre, travels along the India-Pacific and hits Perth’s picturesque shores.

World's Most Dangerous Roads

Starring: Adrian Dunbar and guest celebs

Destination(s): Siberia, Vietnam, Laos, Ethiopia

What’s it about?

Every episode, two celebrities take a 4x4 along the world’s most dangerous roads, whether it’s Siberia’s infamous Road of Bones or across Vietnam’s Mụ Giạ Pass. At the other end of these death-defying journeys, their courage on the road is rewarded with spectacular sights not seen by many globetrotters.


Griff Rhys Jones: Destination Burma

Starring: Griff Rhys Jones

Destination(s): Ghana, Burma

What’s it about?

Griff Rhys Jones’ father was medical officer to a West African division during WW2, travelling from Wales to Ghana and the jungles of Burma to fight the Japanese. Since his dad didn’t talk about the war much, Griff’s following in his footsteps, joined along the way by a 90-year-old veteran.

The Spice Trail

Starring: Kate Humble

Destination(s): India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Morocco, Spain, Mexico

What’s it about?

We use them every day, and now Kate Humble’s chasing the historical trails of some of the world’s most valuable spices. Whether she’s exploring the origins and secrets of nutmeg and cloves, pepper and cinnamon or vanilla and saffron, there’s always an intriguing tale from the past to the present, from crops to plates.

Great Continental Railway Journeys

Starring: Michael Portillo

Destination(s): Europe

What’s it about?

Railway aficionados will love joining Michael Portillo on this nostalgic train journey across the heart of Europe. Every episode sees him learning about the history of the line he’s journeying along, including the awe-inspiring Semmering Pass, a handmade railway line blasted through the Alps.

Lost Kingdoms Of South America

Starring: Dr Jago Cooper

Destination(s): South America

What’s it about?

Archaeologist Dr Jago Cooper heads into Colombia, Peru and Bolivia to uncover the secrets of South America’s most intriguing civilisations. His treks take him into the Andes, in search of the mysterious Chachapoya people, to cliff tombs that have remained untouched for five centuries and on a mission to discover the real story of El Dorado.

Travel Man

Starring: Richard Ayoade and celeb companions

Destination(s): Iceland, Istanbul, Marrakech, Barcelona

What’s it about?

The IT Crowd’s Richard Ayoade thinks travel is boring, stressful and takes too long. So he’s made it his mission to find improvements, with a celebrity travel companion by his side in each episode. It’s all about cultural efficiency – travel with the boring bits removed, and tourist attractions given the ruthless side-eye.