TFW you dump your longterm partner because they're not a fictional TV character.
Stephanie Marie Anderson

18 Mar 2016 - 2:33 PM  UPDATED 18 Mar 2016 - 2:43 PM

Regardless of what it is, whether it be your dog, your longterm partner, your first-born child, you will never love anything as much as China loves the Korean TV drama Descendents Of The Sun.

The show recently hit 440 million cumulative views in China on the Chinese online video platform iQiyi. To give you an idea of just how many views that is, the record-breaking, inescapable season finale of Game of Thrones had an estimated 8.11 million viewers in America.

Now, Australia likes its TV. Australia is all like:

But no matter how much you think you love your shows, you do not love them as much as China does.

China loves Descendents Of The Sun so much that the Ministry of Public Security posted an official warning on its Weibo account telling viewers not to let the show ruin their lives.

Warning viewers that watching the drama could lead to "legal troubles", the statement claims that "watching Korean dramas could be dangerous".

"An enormous fandom of Korean drama Descendants Of The Sun starring Song Joong Ki has emerged as it began to air in Korea and China. It is easy to see that many have fallen in love with the male lead Song," it read.

The statement from the ministry offered examples to support its claim, from a couple who divorced after watching Korean dramas, to a husband who got plastic surgery to look like the male protagonist of a show after his wife fell in love with the lead character.

Now, we've all crushed on a fictional character or two in our time (hi, Angel from Buffy, hi, Pacey Witter from Dawson's Creek) but most of us haven't loved a character so much that we made our real-life partner undergo elective surgery to more closely resemble them, right?

The KBS2 drama follows actor Song Joong Ki and his female lead, actress Song Hye Kyo, as they tackle military operations in a fictional country.

In order to be released simultaneously in Korea and China, the entire show was pre-recorded, rather than produced episode-by-episode, due to China's strict censorship laws.

Basically, what all of this means is that you can now justify all your TV obsessions, right up until the point where it destroys your entire life.