• The Katering Show season two kicks off on Friday week (ABC)Source: ABC
Get excited, season two starts April 15
Bianca Soldani

5 Apr 2016 - 11:06 AM  UPDATED 5 Apr 2016 - 11:06 AM

Hold onto your Thermomixes, The Katering Show is coming back for a second season and its kicking off next week! To celebrate, here are some of our favourite Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney moments - in case you missed the hilariousness that was season one.

When they described food intolerance as for "people who just want to jazz up their eating disorders"

When they explained that “these days food isn’t about how it tastes, it’s about impressing people on social media with out how it looks”

When they reviewed Thermomix as “something you buy because you've always wanted to join a cult but don’t have the energy for group sex" 

When they got creative with cupcake decorating

When they decided to quit sugar because of Sarah Wilson... and because "it’s been linked to dementia, corn, Americans, infertility, fatness, dead orangutans, depression - and god knows we don't need any more of that!"

When they stuffed a turkey like this

When they decided they needed an iron boost: "Everyone knows the best source of iron is human blood, but today we're using meat"

When they celebrated Christmas as atheists by recreating the nativity 

 And this

You can catch the first episode on ABC iView from Friday, April 15.