Whether you watched the first season or not, this will get you ready for the new one.
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19 Apr 2016 - 9:26 AM  UPDATED 27 Apr 2016 - 4:24 PM

Homicide detective Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch is all about the job – often to his detriment. The no-nonsense Los Angeles PD cop has let his work take priority over pretty much every other aspect of his life, and while that might be great for the department’s clearance rate, it’s not so good if you’re his wife or his daughter, which is probably why Harry’s marriage ended in divorce.

Based on the character from a series of novels by crime writer Michael Connelly, Harry is played by Deadwood star Titus Welliver in Bosch. With season two due to begin on SBS on May 4, there’s no better time to get to know Harry. Here’s what we learnt in season one…


He’s not gun shy

The first thing we saw Harry do was shoot a suspect he was tailing after the man reached into his pocket instead of putting his hands in the air. A gun was found on the suspect, but did Harry plant it to justify the killing? The LAPD thought not.


Mimi Rogers is fierce… and useful

Two years after being cleared by the department, Harry faced a wrongful death suit brought by the suspect’s family. He was unimpressed as Mimi Rogers grilled him on the stand about the possible planting of the gun and dredged up his messy personal backstory in a handy bit of exposition.


Mum was a hooker

Turns out, Harry’s mother had been a prostitute until she was killed and her body left in a dumpster when he was 11. After her murder, Harry then grew up in youth halls and foster families, which goes some way to explaining his hardened demeanour and lone wolf personality.


Raynard was Bosch’s biggest fan

Serial killer Raynard Waits (Jason Gedrick) was a fellow graduate of one particularly nasty youth facility. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, Raynard was arrested after a dead body was found in the back of his van... while he drove around. After admitting to a spate of murders of rent boys, he also confessed to another crime just because Harry was the one investigating it. Stalker alert!


No case is too cold for Bosch

Harry’s case: a human bone was dug up by the dog belonging to Hershel from The Walking Dead. That bone led to a whole human skeleton of a pre-teen boy killed as long ago as 1989. To cut a long story short, it was discovered that the boy was killed by his friend over a skateboard and not Raynard. But until he worked that out, Harry had to at least humour Raynard.


There’s a character called Irvin Irving

Despite Raynard escaping police custody at one point, due to a stuff-up involving slimy DA Richard O’Shea (Steven Culp), Harry eventually tracked Raynard down and shot him. Because that’s just the way Harry rolls. Actually, he kind of had no choice. Meanwhile, O’Shea’s stuff-up was caught on film and used by Deputy Chief Irvin Irving – yep, that’s really his name – against him.


He has an expensive house…

When Bosch isn’t busy dealing with serial killers and solving cold cases, he kicks back with a drink in his impressive LA home, listening to a collection of vinyl records to rival that of Suits’ Harvey Specter and admiring a view of the city. And probably doing some paperwork.


… that someone else paid for

If you think, “There’s no way Harry could afford that place on a cop’s salary!”, you’d be right. It’s a good thing we’re regularly reminded that he bought it using the fee he was paid by a production company that turned one of his cases into a film. Or TV series. Can’t remember which, but it’s not important.


His partner likes nice threads

Harry’s partner used to be a criminal. Not really, but Jamie Hector, the actor who plays Detective Jerry Edgar, is best known as drug boss Marlo Stanfield from The Wire. In Bosch, Jamie’s character likes to wear sharp-looking suits. Seriously, that’s his defining characteristic.


His ex has a poker face

Harry used to be married to Nina Myers from 24 (aka actress Sarah Clarke). Sarah portrays professional poker player Eleanor Wish, who lives with her and Harry’s daughter, Maddie (Madison Lintz), in Las Vegas. Harry and Eleanor get along just fine so long as Harry’s not stuffing up. In other words, about half the time.


He clearly has a thing for women from 24

Clearly not averse to taking Jack Bauer’s sloppy seconds, Harry became involved with another ex-24 actress, Annie Wersching, who played rookie cop Julia Brasher. Given his tendency to immerse himself in his work, their romance was pretty much doomed from the start – although she gave it a red hot go.


He’s an acquired taste

Members of the LAPD either respect Harry (his partner, Jerry; his immediate superior, Lieutenant Grace Billets, played by Amy Aquino), tolerate him (Deputy Irving, played by another The Wire alum, Lance Reddick) or despise him (Captain Harvey Pounds). Towards the end of season one, Harry pushed Harvey (Mark Derwin) through a window at the station, leading to his suspension.


He’ll be back

At the end of the season, Harry drove off into the sunset. Obviously, he comes back since there’s a second season – as well as a recently announced third season, due in 2017.


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Bosch season 2 begins on SBS on Wednesday, 4 May at 8:30pm (AEST). After they air, episodes will be available on SBS On Demand.