Here’s a checklist to tick off when the second half of this split-season airs.
Shane Cubis

29 Apr 2016 - 1:33 PM  UPDATED 14 Sep 2016 - 8:58 PM

“The Last Ship” combines the excitement of a cliffhanger with the infuriating wait for a cliffhanger’s questions to be answered. Those questions are...


1. Where is Rollo now?

We left the duke of betrayal being cheered with “Hail Caesar!” seemingly by all of Paris – he even wore a laurel wreath. Bloodied and bruised from battle, has he followed the path of the real-world Rollo? Seven years on, has he finally got over his sibling rivalry with Ragnar?


2. Where has Ragnar been all these years?

Speaking of King Lothbrok, where the Hel has he been? He saunters back into a now-sprawling Kattegat dressed as a traveller with a dirty beard, recognisable mainly for the trademark glint in his eye like he knows a secret you don’t. Same old Ragnar, though, challenging his boys to kill him and take his place… or cop it.


3. What are those foreign merchants selling?

Are they exotic spices? Has it affected Viking cuisine? Will Anthony Bourdain cameo next season?


4. Does Aslaug rule alone?

The Seer’s predicition about a woman ruling Kattegat appears to have come true – Aslaug has zhooshed up the place with extra reindeer antlers and fancy furnishings. Does she rule it alone? And if so, how meekly will she step down now that her husband has returned?


5. What are Magnus and his conspirators up to?

Before we see the old king, a messenger who arrives in Kattegat speaks of Magnus – the 12-year-old son Ragnar shares with Kwenthrith. Apparently he’s alive and well in Wessex, all of which is news to Bjorn and the other sons. What will this bastard do? As a pre-teen, he’s probably more of a pawn at the moment – although Ivar was deadly as a toddler.


6. How much sex has Harbard had?

Since he didn’t appear in the finale, you have to assume he’s resting up in a cabin somewhere with sore hips and a couple of naked serving ladies.


7. What happened to Halfdan and Harald’s designs on being King of all Norway/Denmark?

It’s one thing to keep your powder dry on a leadership challenge – especially in a time before gunpowder was invented – but seven years? Get a move on, boys.


8. Where’s Torvi?

She gave Erlander the Bon Jovi treatment, giving love a bad name by shooting him through the heart with a crossbow. We saw her stand in battle in Frankia, same crossbow in hand, to take down the Parisians. We saw her injured badly and bleeding out on the ship during the retreat… then we didn’t see her again thanks to a cut scene of Bjorn fishing in Kattegat years later, ready to head off to the Mediterranean with Floki and Helga. Is Torvi alive? Has she sworn off boating trips due to seasickness?


9. Has Lagertha maintained her commitment to agelessness?

Same deal – we haven’t seen what Lagertha is up to these days, but you have to assume she got over her Frank-induced injuries and is sitting happily somewhere with metal rings in her hair and not another year on her.


10. Will Ragnar join Bjorn on his trip with Floki to the Mediterranean?

Because really, the last thing you want on your first overseas adventure is Dad causing a scene in Ibiza.


11. Is the Seer still alive?

Seriously, he’s everyone’s favourite character and they should do some mini-sodes where he tells viewer fortunes. Time will tell if he was right in his predictions about Ragnar.


12. When are the snakes getting their feast?

*spoilers for historical saga*



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