Mr. Belding would be proud…
Claire Stewart-Moore

9 May 2016 - 3:45 PM  UPDATED 9 May 2016 - 3:51 PM

I swear I was a Saved By The Bell fan before I was born. Each character taught me something different about life. Jessie taught me the importance of being smart, Lisa taught me the importance of being bold, and Zack… Well, let’s just say Zack taught me how to feel things.

So, imagine my hysteria when I heard that Tiffani Thiessen, Elizabeth Berkley and Mario Lopez were going to be reuniting on Tiffani’s new cooking show on Food Network - Dinner at Tiffani’s

It took a lot of laughing till I cried and crying till I laughed to bring these to you, but here are the best moments.


1. When Tiffani set up a DIY photo booth and took this GLORIOUS BFF snap with Elizabeth. HOW CUTE ARE THEY? DON’T ANSWER THAT, IT WAS RHETORICAL.


2. When they grilled crostini and it really showed the BREADth of their love for each other…


3. When Elizabeth smelt Tiffani’s beans and it was like the first time she smelt a freshly printed Saved By The Bell script.


4. When Tiffani made watermelon cocktails because clearly they’re Elizabeth’s favourite. Look at Elizabeth’s grin; she’s like “OM NOM NOM NOM!”


5. When Mario shook what his mama gave him and Tiffani loved it.


6. When Tiffani was leaning over her saucepan and Mario was leaning over to pour the drinks and, for one heart-stopping moment, it looked like Kelly might cheat on Zack and kiss Slater…


7. When Mario and Tiffani laughed so hard, it made me cry with happiness.


8. When Mario took this AMAZING selfie. (Seriously, why couldn’t selfies have existed in the 90s? Then, the Saved By The Bell cast wouldn’t have to wait till NOW to take them.)

Watch Dinner at Tiffani's weeknights at 6:00pm (AEST) on Food Network. After they air, episodes will be available on SBS On Demand.



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