Thursday 26 May - Sunday 29 May 9.30pm
World Movies

10 May 2016 - 4:42 PM  UPDATED 10 May 2016 - 4:42 PM

To round out the month, World Movies is showing 4 movies over 4 nights that range from the twistedly ick to downright ridiculous.

In Search of the Ultra Sex (France, 2015) – Thursday 26 May 9.30pm (Australian Television Premiere)
Inspired by a true story, this science-fiction comedy of the X-rated kind follows the Galactic Confederation on board Starship ‘4skin 5’, as they desperately look for a resolution to the pandemic that has infected planet Earth with infinite lust. Agents Bambi Darling and Stormy Brushing uncover the horrifying truth: the sexual matrix of the universe, known as the Ultra-Sex, has been stolen. Captain Cock and his crew are missioned to save planet Earth from an endless orgy!

Lovemilla (Finalnd, 2015) – Friday 27 May 9.30pm (Australian Television Premiere)
When Aimo and Milla decide to move out of Milla’s alcoholic-zombie parents’ house, a self-conscious Aimo squanders their savings to turbo-boost his muscles. Conventional body building is not enough: Aimo turns himself into a robot. When Milla leaves him, Aimo’s heartache leads him to extreme measures as he turns his heart to metal, devoid of feeling and pain. Deciding she needs a man’s heart, Milla decides to steal Aimo’s one.

Inside (France, 2007) – Saturday 28 May 9.30pm (Australian Television Premiere)
Sarah and Matthieu Scarangelo were in a car crash, of which Sarah and her unborn baby were the only survivors. Home alone four months later and grieving her husband on Christmas Eve, a woman knocks on her door asking to use the phone. Sarah refuses, but the woman insists she knows her. Shaken, she calls the police, but the woman has gone. Throughout the night, the woman returns to torment Sarah for her unborn child and kills all who try to help her.

Yakuza Apocalypse (Japan, 2015) – Sunday 29 May 9.30pm (Australian Television Premiere)
In the ruthless underground world of the yakuza, no one is more legendary than boss Kamiura. Rumored to be invincible, the truth is he is a blood-sucking vampire. Among Kamiura’s gang is Kageyama, his most loyal underling, who is ridiculed for being unable to tattoo his sensitive skin. When his secret is revealed, Kamiura is killed, passing on his vampire powers to Kageyama who seeks to avenge the murder of his boss.